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Head-Fi mentioned in New York Times article about headphones!

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The New York Times' Jennifer Conlin wrote an article called The Quest for the Perfect Headphones. In it, she mentions Head-Fi, Audeze, HeadRoom, Sennheiser, Etymotic, Sony, Klipsch, Skullcandy and more! HeadRoom's Jorge Cervera has his say, including this gem:



"Today, every big audio company out there is getting into headphones because they have made such a cultural ascendency that even your grandmother probably has a pair now." 


Love it!


You can read the whole article by clicking on the photo above, or by clicking here.

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Congratulations, Jude and Head-Fi!!!


More exposure means more clout and that we have a stronger voice...


(Also, I hope it means more sneak-peeks for being crazy enthusiasts.)

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I was disappointed that it called Skullcandy a good brand, slapped myself when it talked about Bose and gave up when it mentioned Beats. *sigh*

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What do I make out in the picture? Bose and Beats. I haven't tried the beats and liked the OE2's so I won't comment.

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Sad to see that even the journalists who are assigned to do such an article are pretty clueless regarding headphones. And yeah, poor audiophile bankers...

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Aren't you being vain, Jude.


But really, more exposure is always good. Even if the article could be researched better. I'm sure someone still reads the New York Times.deadhorse.gif

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a lot of journalist dont do enough research.

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Originally Posted by briskly View Post

Aren't you being vain, Jude...

I have been reading The New York Times for as long as I can remember--it has been one of my favorite papers for much of my life. So when they post a mention of (and link to) Head-Fi in it, call me vain (which you did), but I think it's pretty cool, and see no problem saying so.


As for some of the other comments expressed:


There's a link to Head-Fi, so readers of the article could find their way here. And some people may click on the link solely to find out what $2000 headphones are about (as the article mentions that headphone prices go up that high, which is rather shocking to most). And if people with some interest in headphones end up here from that article--even just out of mild curiosity--then that's a good thing, in my opinion (even if their interest is initially in headphone models not typically Head-Fi'ish in nature).


Also, I understand some of the sentiment expressed so far (in this thread), but the article also gives HeadRoom strong mention, and mentions Audeze. Audeze. In The New York Times. I was excited to see it. Sennheiser, Etymotic, Klipsch and others are also mentioned, with specific mentions of the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Originals (adidas), which is one of my favorite portable over-ears a Sennheiser/adidas headphone, and the Sony MDR-V6, which is the headphone that got me started down the path of better headphones many years ago.


Call me a bright-eyed Pangloss, but I was excited and optimistic to see some of these brands and models (and HeadRoom) given some mention and coverage in The New York Times.

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I for one welcome any and all new members arriving from this media coverage.

This might in time lead to more informed masses.

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But a newer earphone, Soul by Ludacris SL99, which is promoted by the rap star Ludacris, is getting positive reviews on Apple’s Web site, with most reviewer giving it five out of five stars.


Five stars on Apple's Web site!?!?!? There is no higher standard of professional endorsement than that! No need to look any further into researching the issue, that's for sure!


As glad as I am to see mention of Sennheiser (however brief) in an article like this, I'm not very impressed by the article as a whole. It seems very shallowly researched, and quite frankly the writing seems reminiscent of something from a high school project. Perhaps I'm being too harsh though. I'm no writer, after all, so perhaps my own perspective of good writing is reversed? Maybe this article is a masterpiece of the art, while my internet rantings appear to all others as chatterings of a linguistically impaired idiot. What do I know? I'm only an engineer by trade.


Anyway, I must say a link to head-fi can ONLY be a really good thing. For that this journalist certainly deserves some credit, as it shows a deeper education in quality headphones than most articles. To be perfectly fair I suppose it's all too easy for the headphone-obsessed to find the average person's grasp of the field to be relatively spottily researched. Seriously though, journalists should know that random user-posted reviews (from people who haven't heard anything better) aren't exactly expert opinions. She linked to head-fi.org, so why not heed the consensus of reviews from head-fi.org?

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congrats!, but such a wacky photo to include with this article though, BEATTTTSSSSSS and head-fi

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Congrats Jude :)  Good to see headphone enthusiasts acknowledged by the major press.  Too bad it sounds like Stax didn't get any love.  I didn't read the article, though, since it's asking for a login and I'm assuming it's paywalled.

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That's odd. No login required here.


In any case the article mentions head-fi.org, headphone.com, and then goes on to praise Bose, Beats, Souls, and Skullcandy with brief mention also of Sennheiser Adidas and some others.

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Adidas... were those the rebranded HD-25 II's?

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But for some audiophiles, one set of headphones isn’t enough. Ronald Shmyr, a U.S.-based banker and a self-professed audiophile, owns several different pairs, each for a different purpose: Sony in-ear buds for music, Shure in-ear buds for athletics, over-ear padded Sennheiser headphones for comfort, and the full-size Bose for noise canceling. The newest addition to his collection is his favorite — the Bluetooth wireless Beats by Dr. Dre ($279.95, www. Beatsbydre.com). “They have great sound and great ease of use as I love not having wires,” Mr. Shmyr said. “They also have a rechargeable battery, and although the bass is a bit too much for my taste, the handy wireless feature is overwhelmingly worth it and makes up for that. They are amazing,” he says of the D.J.-promoted brand, adding that they may be the last set he buys — for a while anyway.



I guess all you need is several pair of moderately priced headphones and a love for Beats to be deemed an audiophile.

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