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Headphones or Headphones + amp/dac recommendation under $500

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I mostly listen to music on the go with my Cowon J3, occasionally I'll sit at home and listen to music on my computer (onboard soundblaster X-FI). Half of the time I'll be using my Shure SE425, the other half I'll be using my old AKG K171 MK1 headphones to enjoy my music. Unfortunately my K171s are showing wear and it needs to be replaced =/.


I was thinking of upgrading rather than replacing them with MK2s, originally I was looking into the AKG K702s, but I've been turned off a bit since the over all recommendations I've been reading say it needs a decent DAC and AMP; I can't really imagine myself spending $800 on something like the Burson HA-160DS, I thought maybe I should just get a desktop amp and go simply with my IEM on the go, use my soundcard as a DAC, pick up something like the Rolls Bellari HA540, but nothing really available to ship to Canada. Looking further I read about the Fiio E7/E9 combo, portable and desktop together, but there seems to be mixed opinions more towards the negative.


So now what I am looking for would be a set-up that would be $500 or less, preferably an over-ear headphone that doesn't necessarily need an amp for on the go and at home. Or over-ear headphones + amp + dac... hopefully portable? Might wait until the Fiio E17 hits the market?

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Used Denon D5000 with a Fiio E17 if you want woodback, closed, and comfy.


AudioTechnica A900X with a Fiio E17 as an alternative for a bit less maybe.


Ultrasone PRO 750 with a Fiio E17 as yet another alternative.


Fischer Audio FA-002W with a Fiio E17 could be a nice woodback alternative for you too.


Substitute ibasso DZERO or Fiio E7 or something if you don't want to wait on the E17.


Very best,

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