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WOW thanks for both of these comparos! I may get the DT250 after all...they do sound more my typical style than the 770s, although with the SM2 and SE215 as my go-to earphones it's nice to have some contrast in the LE's sparkly treble. I will probably check out the DT250s once I get all my bike repairs done, though; it may be just what I've been looking for based on your description.


Would you say the 250s match the LEs in terms of soundstage? What are your thoughts on how their presentations compare?



Originally Posted by Indicative View Post

OK, just before I send back the 770's to Thomann, I thought I'd do an A-B comparison with & without amping on the millennium HA4.


Just as a quicky I used Depeche Mode "welcome to my world" off Delta machine, and "Paradise Circus", GUI Borato mix (originally Heligoland). The difference is so big, that I have not bothered with any more. I thought that some of the pro-amping comments were...  ahem ... well I dunno  ... well I know I sometimes talk myself into a view if the difference is small :confused_face(1):. I still don't think I'll bother when I'm on the move, though.


Wow, the amp really tames the loose old bass on the 770s... to the extent that they sound like the 250s straight from the iPhone. Maybe a tad better. I'd need more time to know for sure.

Putting the DT250s through the amp tightens them up too, but less so. When they're both amped, the 250's sound tighter than the 770s.


On Paradise Circus, when the heavy bass guitar comes in around 6 mins... again the tightening up is really obvious on the 770s, whereas it just seems to widen the soundstage a tad on the 250s.


Still happier with the DT250s... just that now I'm really glad to be keeping the amp too. Unbelievable value at < €20, no hissing, humming or anything with nothing connected. I had been keeping it to share the music. Now I know it improves the sound too.

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Originally Posted by Gilly87 View Post

Happy to compare the two. As mentioned the 250's get loads of love on their appreciation thread being preferred to 770s by most owners (mainly 80Ω), but I just did not see direct DT250/80 vs. DT770 PRO LE 32... and seeing how some people say that the LEs are less bright... I still did not know.


I'd be interested to hear how you get on when funds allow. Although it's a good idea to trial them out with a retailer who'll take them back... from what you're saying, the chances are that you'll want to keep 'em.:L3000:. It's just a wild guess though, as I was not even aware of those Shure HPs until you mentioned them... I had to look 'em up.


Interesting question about the soundstage: I just did not hear any difference, but then I was not listening for a difference, as I tend to find that if the tonal stuff is 90% there (as it is on bot DT's) then the channel separation, and by extension... the soundstage tends to be there too. Depends on the music, though.


If I had to be picky, I would say that the 770's got a bit more smeared at volume, though a) I'm now not sure if that is a manufactured memory, and b) it was probably mainly down to the looser base & my lower tolerance to loud treble at volume. I did try the "Treble reduction" filter on my iPhone, but that is just far to crass & takes out the top mids too.


One thing that I did notice on the DT250s (again, sorry not AB - even when I had all sets, I was reaching for the 250s for just listening) is that you can really separate the backing vocals and harmonies from the main theme on a song. I think some of this is down to their separation on the soundstage. Agnes Obel singing "Over the Hill from Philharmonics" is a good demo of that. David Bowie on Space Oddity can clearly be heard doing his own harmony. I'd never heard the backing lady on "swords & Knives" before (sowing the seeds of love). Once you have heard it on one pair of HP, it's easy to find it on another pair, but I guess it is the pair that first wakes you up to it (... as long as you like it).


I have sent back the 770s, so can't do an A-B comparison, but I'm listening (on the 250s) to a bit of, Bowie (Quicksand & Andy Warhol on Hunky Dory) to listen for it.... and it's pretty wide. Some of the pans are a bit obvious. As for the Beatles....  Just for the extreme, I am trying out a bit of Oxygene, and coming up to around 6 mins in part V, there's a bit where it feels like your head gets turned inside out. Just listened to it again and it always gets me on pretty much any gear. This time though, I can hear the panning bouncing back and forth a bit more after the main event. Generally on part I, the effects are much smoother & subtle, but still wide.


Just finally trying Introitus & the Kyrie on Christopher Hogwood & Accadamy for Mozart's requiem Aeterman. Yup It's a plenty wide soundstage, and you can hear each instrument, choir section coming from a different place... though I think it is a hi-fi / headphone mix, as it does not sound like they only had mic's in the audience. The strings in particular seem more closely mic'd. I did not realise there were so many different choral parts until I tried the DT250s, though to be fair, I cannot remember if I ever listened to it with the HD 565s.


Sorry if the above is a bit disjointed, I keep getting carried away just listening between each sentence or two.

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No it was perfect! Sounds like the stage is maybe a bit smaller than the 770s, which to me is pretty obviously very large vs the other closed HPs I've had. It may be what I really want for music, as I enjoy the 770s for gaming with the big bass and sparkle and stage, but they just aren't versatile enough for real music enjoyment.

What are your thoughts on the cable? Have you found a non-coiled alternative?
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Checked the specs out on the website and with the given price, sounded reasonable. I hope that these would be Bass Monsters :) 

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>>Sounds like the stage is maybe a bit smaller than the 770s.

Err... if it sounds like that, then I said it wrong. I found the two equivalent, but was not explicitly listening for soundstage when doing A-B. Now I don't have the 770s, so can't compare anyway.


I think that people tend to find open HPs have wider soundstage, and I wonder if it is down to freer treble. So I would not be surprised if when you come to do A-B you say you think the 770s are wider. It seems pretty wide on the 250s, maybe even with a bit of up & down.



>What are your thoughts on the cable? Have you found a non-coiled alternative?

It turns out that in the UK, the distributor sells a replacement plug, here.



I think you can get it in the US, too: http://www.fullcompass.com/product/455240.html


the problem is that that plug is about 2cm (nearly 1") longer than the shorter one which comes with new cans. Compare these two pics to see the difference (sellers on ebay):




I'm not sure I would want mine longer. I have contacted them and asked if there is a shorter plug for sale on its own. The answer is: no, but the shorter plug is standard on a cable they sell:



The standard straight cable for a DT1** series would also work (model K 100.07) on this list:

http://www.polaraudio.co.uk/distributedproducts/beyerpages/cables_headphones_headsets.html. The six pins instead of seven would not be a problem, I think, as it is only the same pins (1-4) which are used for the ear signal. the other 2 (or 3 pins for the 7-pin DT250s) are used for microphone. See here: 


Bearing that in mind, I could probably open the plug on my existing cable and solder in one of these:



Another alternative is to just cut the cable about an inch down, and solder on a mini XLR to fit on this:


Then I would put the another plug (same gender as the wire) on the rest of the coiled cable which I cut.


Failing that, this chap sells a straight 1.5m cable with 90-deg headphone plug:


Again: I think it will be compatible.


I will contact beyerdynamic in germany to see if I can get the shorter plug, and use that if I can. If not, I will try to get some plugs off the guy above.


That's one thing I like about the 250s though, is that you can do a mod on just the plug, which means you have not touched the phones themselves. See the work that RoMee did, on the pics which show here:



Some kind of hack from some PC connector ?

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Very interesting...I may wind up selling my LEs and picking up the 250s. I love the LEs but the zingy treble is unwanted and the boomy bass just gets in the way most of the time. I like them for gaming but not music. Hmmmm...maybe Ill pick up the 250s and see how they tickle my fancy...we shall see...
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Hmmm...I doubt they are bass monsters.
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>>Hmmm...I doubt they are bass monsters.

You won't find 'em wanting. There is no bloat compared to the DT770's and yet they also convey the impression that there is more power in the bass, just waiting... somehow.

​Perhaps that is standard for faster cans.


Is there anywhere near you where you can try them out, especially vs. your existing HPs?


So far no response from the eBay retailer of the aftermarket cable, where he/she gets his/her plugs from.


I have written to beyerdynamic tho'. I will post if I get any good news.

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Awesome, thanks :-)

I admit I'm not a fan of Beyers marketing when the "standard" version of my $250 LEs can be had for about $150 now, but that's the business I guess. If the 250s are as you describe, they are probably just what I want...
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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - Limited Edition, 32 Ohms

These with the velours intrigue me. I have been trying to decide what to get next. A part of me kind of wants the new Beats studios.

I love the 250 ohm 770's but I want something for portable use and always having my E11 on me isn't an option. I really like the ATH M50 as well. The P7 are a dream, but can't stomach the price. The sol republic Master tracks XC (by Calvin Harris) also intrigue me as they are more neutral than the regular master tracks.

If I went with the 32 ohm, I'd have to get the velours. I don't even know if the stock 32 covers are comfy, but can't be as nice as the velours.

The 80ohm had too much bass for me. The 250 was perfect and I liked the coiled cable, but I understand the 32 is straight. How long is it? I don't want a 10' cable.

Where does the sound fall in between? Or more like the 80 or 250?
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I use my LEs with velours. IMO they have noticeably less bass than the 80s, but all 770s are a little tubby.
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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - Limited Edition, 32 Ohms

Good to hear. I have no clue how comfy or uncomfy their pleather ones are, but can't imagine they are better than the velours. Good to hear their bass is toned down a little from the 80ohm.

How long is the cord? 4'? 6'?
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Just put the velours pads on and don't like it.
The depth and bass is gone.Doesn't sound right at all,also my ears are too close to the drivers now.
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Had the same problem. Try stuffing the pads with some toilette paper (what I use) or fabric, brings a bit of the bass back to my ears but still removes some of the extra bloat you get with pleathers.


To each his own, though.



Originally Posted by silversurfer616 View Post

Just put the velours pads on and don't like it.
The depth and bass is gone.Doesn't sound right at all,also my ears are too close to the drivers now.
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1m-ish? So yeah, around 4'.



Originally Posted by Minarets View Post

Good to hear. I have no clue how comfy or uncomfy their pleather ones are, but can't imagine they are better than the velours. Good to hear their bass is toned down a little from the 80ohm.

How long is the cord? 4'? 6'?
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