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Originally Posted by sofastreamer View Post

hope the beyer is overall better than the jvc eek.gif


Much better... JVC is only superior in sub-bass quantity and punch. The DT770 is a more mature sounding headphone with better definition, better treble and mids, and a bigger more tridimensional soundstage.  Both are huge bargains at their price-point. 
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Anyone compare this to the MDR 1R?
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After 70hrs burn in these are coming into their own.

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today i got some dt770 edition 2005. like them so far, especially soundstage. but to me they lack a little sub bass and somtimes highs get a little sharp. can anyone compare them to the LEs?

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Has anybody recabled these cans yet?
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I should be getting mine on Wednesday, ill give you guys my (unprofessional) opinion of them.
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I love these headphones. First ever truly comfortable pair of headphones I've owned, and an overly balanced sound. But... has anyone compared these to the Momentums? For $100 or so more, I think from my memory the DT770 AE is at least the better value, but I only did a short audition of the Momentum, remembering it to be pleaseant but expensive. Any other reflections? 


Also, what all are you amping it with? Or do you? 

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Overall I prefer the sound signature of the DT770 LE: they got a clearer, deeper bass while the Momentum is more muddied (mainly due to a slight midbass hump). I'd prefer the midrange of the Momentum, paired with the treble of the DT770...


Of course the Momentum is much easier to use on the go.

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i get these today, i am hearing now directly from notebook....omg :D 


i want to buy dac/amp, i am thinking about


fiio e07k and audinst mx1 ? something <180 dollars. which ? or something else ? 

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The 770/32 is so good that I bought a few spared.

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I just got these, and compared to what I'm used to, (skullcady skullcrushers) these are amazing! Worth every penny In my opinion. But since I'm not too experienced this level of sound quality I guess I can't really comment much :/.
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Originally Posted by AlfredWong View Post

The 770/32 is so good that I bought a few spared.
Woah, why so many lol?
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Just got mine today and they sound amazing straight out of the box! I'm loving these headphones. The cable is nice and strong, headphones look decent (they're a little big but they don't look ridiculous), and they're really comfortable. These let you immerse yourself into the music.
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Originally Posted by Tawngie View Post

Woah, why so many lol?



Because he's gonna give them away to his fellow head-fiers. First me, because I came up with the idea.  Thank you very much. dt880smile.png

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I tried this beyer 770 LE recently, after reading the good reviews so far. I was hoping that it could replace my m50 or k550. 


However, it didn't impressed me on my first try. I dislike the normal beyer cans but not this 770 LE. This 770 LE sounded neutral to me.

Not as sibilant as my m50 and does not have the slight boosted bass as the m50. The soundstage is bigger and it's more detailed than the m50.


Compared to the k550, k550 is technically more superior. k550 sounded cleaner, more laid back, more space between the instruments and you. Vocals for the 770LE is relatively more forward.

The earpads on the k550 is more comfortable and the cups are bigger and it feels like memory foam in it. The earpads on the 770LE feels cheap and it's not as soft as the k550's, the pleather of the pads is harder and seems less "breathable" than the k550's.

For my M/L sized head, the fitting of k550 is just nice. The 770LE may fit those with a smaller head better, given that they may face a fitting problem with the larger k550.


All in all, having the 550, I feel that the 770LE doesn't bring anything new my collection. But if I only had M50, I would definitely considered the 770LE. 

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