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For Sale: FS: Westone 4

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For Sale:
FS: Westone 4

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my recently acquired Westone 4s. I purchased on 28 January 2012 from user Uchiya. Headphones will come as I have received them with the original packaging and 3 pairs of medium and large Shure Olives. These will NOT come with the original tip fit kit as they did not come from original seller.


Though these headphones are technically excellent, they unfortunately do not fit the odd route of my ear canals.


The headphones themselves are in mint condition.


The price is starts at $325 before shipping & PayPal fees.


Will upload pictures later.


EDIT: Pics up.


RE-EDIT: I am now open to offers.


RE-RE-EDIT: I am open to comparable trades. I am looking for dynamic in ear IEMs that ISOLATE.



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i'm interested. 

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trade me!

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