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King Kong Max Steiner
Fellini's Cassanova Nino Rota
Magnificent Seven Elmer Bernstein
Good Bad Ugly Morricone
Vertigo Bernard Hermann
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Gofather Pt1


Forrest Gump 


The Thin Red line - Hans Zimmer


And I second the recommendation for 'The Piano'

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I almost forgot:

In the mood for love - Umebayashi

The main theme is just that good.

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suprised green card hasn't popped up here yet - a zimmer classic

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The music of Prometheus has a track by Harry Gregson-Williams, and another track has the "theme from Alien" composed by Jerry Goldsmith.  

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Dances with Wolves - John Barry

Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron - Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams

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There are two albums from the film Dances with Wolves.  One album has the film version of The John Dunbar Theme, The Buffalo Hunt and some other previously unreleased materials.  

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We Bought a Zoo

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Up there with "Star Wars", the theme to "Lawrence of Arabia" is classic enough that people who haven't seen the movie recognize it.

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Two albums by Vangelis, 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Alexander.  

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"conan the barbarian" (Basil POLEDOURIS)
"road to perdition" (Thomas NEWMAN)
"avalon" (Kenji KAWAI)
"once upon a time in america"(Ennio MORRICONE)
"interview with the vampire, the vampire chronicles" (Elliot GOLDENTHAL)
"the eagle has landed" (Lalo SCHIFRIN)
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+1 for Road to Perdition ^^^ good stuff there

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I'm surprised no one mentioned American Beauty by Thomas Newman. I think the score had a lot to do with the film's success...I especially like the "SPEC-TA-CU-LAR" scene with the wonderful marimbas!


Here are a few of my favorites:


Wall-E - Thomas Newman

The Thin Red Line - Hans Zimmer

Tekkonkinkreet - Plaid (a must if you're a Plaid fan)

Moon - Clint Mansell

Memento - David Julyan

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Anything Philip Glass. Also, Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) on "There Will Be Blood" is pretty phenomenal, albeit avant-garde.

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blade runner


tron legacy

the shining


a clockwork orange



and many more

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