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Favorite Film Scores

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What are your favorite film scores?

Three of my favorites are from:

Last of the Mohicans (Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman),

Star Wars saga (John Williams), and

Rush (Eric Clapton).

Are there any others you would recommend?
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Atonement (Marianelli)


Avatar (Horner)


UP (Giacchino)


Narnia (Gregson-Williams)


Gladiator (Zimmer)


Guardian (Rabin)


Ratatouille (Giacchino)


Inception (Zimmer)


Piano (Nyman)


Jurassic Park (Williams)


Schindler's List (Williams)


Transformers (Jablonsky)


Tron (Daft Punk)


Rock (Zimmer)


I can't remember the others atm.



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I am not a big soundtrack fan but I really like Blade Runner and Solaris.... and Miles Davis' Lift To The Scaffold.

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Tron definitely deserves to be listed. When I went with friends to see it the first time, we had heard mixed reviews. We decided that a huge part would be if people appreciated the musical component of that film.


On its own, the music from Hanna is pretty good. When I consider stuff like a film score, I always connect the way it was incorporated into the movie as well, which is why I list Hanna here. Some aspects of it flowed together like a music video and both the visual and musical aspects complimented each other really well in that movie.


I know anime isn't everyone's thing, but Cowboy Bebop was simply amazing in many regards. The music is no exception. I still regularly listen to the soundtracks to that and it's easily been 10+ years since I originally saw the series. The way it gets tied to the series has always impressed me. I've seen it quite a few times by this point, but I could name the scene that most of the songs were used in if I heard them after my first or second watch. Yoko Kanno did amazing things with that series.

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This topic has seen many repeats, but here's what I like:

Spirited Away (Hisaishi)

Princess Mononoke Symphony (Hisaishi)

An American Tail (Horner)

Land Before Time (Horner)

Titanic (Horner)

Watership Down (Morley)

Dances With Wolves (Barry)

Raise the Titanic (Barry)

Jurassic Park (Williams)

Schindler's List (Williams)

Legend of the Guardians (Hirschfelder)

Bambi (Morey/Churchill)
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King Kong (the original) by Max Steiner

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The Piano by Michael Nyman.

Just about anything by Ennio Morricone, although obviously one has to single out The Mission, Once Upon A Time in America, the Dollar trilogy and The Big Gundown.

Inferno by Keith Emerson.

Koyaanisqatsi & Mishima by Philip Glass.

Under The Wing by John Zorn (although I must confess that I've never seen the documentary it scores.)



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Nino Rota's score for Fellini's "La Strada" is imo one of his better works.

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These two are tied for tops



Amélie (yann tiersen)

(EDIT: wow youtube is renting movies now?)


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Too many to list)





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Originally Posted by sexiewasd View Post

These two are tied for tops



Amélie (yann tiersen)

(EDIT: wow youtube is renting movies now?)


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Too many to list)






Amelie has some surprisingly great music, some cuts having a strange melancholy. Wes Anderson's music is always up there.

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The Fountain (Clint Mansell)

Inception (Hans Zimmer)

Meet Joe Black (Thomas Newman) 



probably my three favorite.

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Shoot! I forgot Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean sure they reuse the same melody like twelve times, but it's still a really good one, and the scene with hoist the colors was epic. ohh and The nightmare before christmas, but that goes without saying.

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Grand Canyon (James Newton Howard)

The Shawshank Redemption (Thomas Newman)

Blade Runner Esper Edition (Vangelis et. al) If you're a fan of this one, the Esper Edition is really worth tracking down if you can find it.

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Almost Famous


The Lost Boys


ANYTHING by John Williams



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This music here was great. Definitely a purchase.



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