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Desperate..Having trouble finding comfortable cans... Any Recommendations?

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I've been having a lot of trouble finding comfortable headphones, in ear, on ear, and over ear....

My ears are not big, but they kinda pop out.

I've tried all the Boses, Koss Portapro, even Beats..and some other cheap headphones by JVCs and such

They are not that bad, but my ears would feel squished, very painful after a while.


So I want a pair of headhones under $100, but I'm willing to go up if really worth it.(I've already spent hundreds dealing with uncomfortable headphones)


I wanted to buy a pair of Grados but they leak too much.

I will use it for rock, rap, gaming...general college stuff.

I'm willing to sacrifice sound quality(not too much) for comfort.


Any suggestion or help will be appreciated..:)

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I own the sportapros and because they are so light....I consider these the most comfortable phones I have tried. I've never worn the portas but I think they will fit similarly. 


The portas scored a 9/10 in comfort level according to this thread:



Another high scoring comfort 'phone is the px100, but the review mentions they are similar to the portas in fit. I'd start looking through that thread. Or maybe someone else have other suggestions. 





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I should defer to someone who has actually tried them, but I have heard that the Creative Aurvana Live's are meant to be very comfortable, and you can get them for $70 or so. Perhaps you could look into those.

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Comfortable headphones?  There are plenty out there.


These come to mind:


Audio Technica ATH M50

KRK KNS 8400

Sony MDR ZX700

AKG K240



at a different price point -


Beyerdynamic DT880

AKG 701/702.



Grado phones are among my favorites, but don't go there if you're looking for wearing comfort. 

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I would suggest you look for circumaural cans that rest fully on your head, hardly touching your ears at all.  Sorry, I don't have any suggestions at your price range, but I suspect some decent options exist.

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I'm curious. Which Bose did you try? From my experience the AE and IE are the most comfortable phones I own. The OE clamp a little too much. I can wear the IE for hours without any discomfort. They don't isolate at all but they also don't leak sound.

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