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For Sale:
Mapleshade Silclear Contact Enhancer

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a near brand new 14gram jar of Silclear contact enhancer. Looking to sell either part of it or all. I don't ever think I could finish the jar in my entire lifetime, there is just way too much and could easily supply 4-5 different systems for a lifetime.


Effects and Applications  = Its cheap and it works, good little tweak before upgrading anything in your system. Most noticeable when applied to power components, it was a night and day difference. Could be applied to basically anything such as Power, RCA, Tube Pins, any plug you can think of.


Mapleshade is currently selling a 7gram jar of Silclear for 35$


So for whoever is interested, tell me how much you need and then we can decide on a price. I can scoop it into other smaller jars.



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