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For Sale: [FS] Xears Ultraphile

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
[FS] Xears Ultraphile

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Pretty much new, used them only for couple of hours. 15euros + shipping.

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I am very much interested in purchasing these, but I seem to have bumped into the "2 PM's a day" rule for newer members.  Since I've already organized another deal, I am, alas, unable to PM you. 

Do you know if I can post an email address on here for you to contact me with?  0.o  I don't want to break any forum rules.

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Hmm... On second thought, I believe I should hold back from this sale for the time being.  It's a great deal, but I should probably hang onto my money for right now.


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If these are still available, would you consider international transactions and shipping (to the US)? If so, how do we calculate the currency conversions, etc?

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I would. Writing a message to you ;)

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