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Out of interest, which customs did you compare them to when you say the k3003 wins?
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I think the K1000 is a very nice piece of history, but just that. I can't see the AKG of old just rehashing this headphone and the new Harman AKG is trying too hard to go mainstream to re-release such a dated and awkward niche product.


I see their "flagship" K3003 more as an attempt to associate themselves with the modern listening on-the-go consumer. I think they are digging their grave however, because a $1000 IEM is too expensive for the average Joe to take seriously. On the other hand, it is hard for many audiophiles to consider an IEM as a serious flagship, and will still consider the Q701 as the flagship while the competition continues to get more and more ahead in the headphone arena. I honestly fall in this crowd, since I loathe universals and cannot stand their fit, even if they sound like heaven.

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