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When I work out, at the end of the day, and usually to sleep

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Towards the night time or early in the morning is when i like to listen to music

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 My selection of music has good synergy with my studying or running sessions, so that's when I enjoy it most. 

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Usually about 2 am is when I get an urge to experience this or that pair of phones. Then I get lost in the music and it's 4 am. Which is fine.

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Headphones on anytime I'm not working or in the toilet, Yes even to sleep.

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Originally Posted by b1o2r3i4s5 View Post

Headphones on anytime I'm not working or in the toilet, Yes even to sleep.

FYI  when I was in college at UW- Madison, I had a summer job in 1976 working for Koss (Milwaukee) in their engineering lab, one of the things they had me do was wire up John Koss' new mansion. He did, in fact, have headphone jacks in wall plates next to the toilet in his private dressing room, fed from a receiver in a small private study he had in his master suite.  I think it was a Yamaha receiver, if I recall correctly. Koss Pro-4a and HV-1 headphones were all over the place in that house. There was also one set of ESP-9's.


FYI  his main listening area had  Koss Model 1 electrostatic speakers, powered by an AmpZilla  and Thaedra preamp, I seem to recall a Transcrptors turntable, and a Teac open reel deck. This was a very decent sounding setup


He also had a "family room" into which we built a large number of electrostatic panels from the Koss model 1 into a wall- there was literally a wall of electrostatic drivers.  This was meant to be driven by multiple amps and electronic crossovers. The wall was covered by grille cloth.  On the other side of the wall was a workshop area, so the drivers were open on both sides and listening to the system obviously put music into both rooms.  I never heard this system, alas. The head engineer at Koss was working on it, I think having the techs build the electronic crossovers and so on, and so although I did some work on installing the drivers, the setup was incomplete during my time at Koss and I never heard it.  


Koss Model 1a  four-way ESL

INFO:   http://www.audiocircuit.com/Home-Audio/KOSS/1-A



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whenever i'm home but i like early afternoon or early evenings(if i'm home of course) cause in the mornings and before bed i just like to relax in a quiet room and just think. i need to start doing some more meditation and find some inner peace.
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I usually listen to my music from 12:00 AM - 05:00 AM. Sometimes, I smoke my briar pipe and pipe tobacco at 06:00 AM on weekday mornings. On the weekends, I listen to my music from 12:00 AM until 08:00 AM.

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morning and night

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In the evening, after work, after dinner, and after preparing for the next day.  Usually, the last 2 hours before bed.  Relaxes me.

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After a long day, putting on some relaxing tracks is great

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Recently, studying and listening have gone hand in hand for me. I love afternoon listening while I'm working on school stuff, with the blinds up and tons of sunlight filling the room. Occasionally, the extremely late night (past 1am) listening sessions occur, and those are really neat too with everything being so quiet.

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2-7AM after getting home from a night out or a party. 

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I dont have a specific time, sometimes at work..before sleeping, but mostly on weekends. 

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late at night, around 2 or 3 am, when the house is dark and the neighborhood is quiet, i load a reel of something on my akai gx-255 and crank my marantz 18 or 2285 to illegal levels. :)

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