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For Sale:
Beyerdynamic dt880/600

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Hey, I'm selling my dt880/600ohm headphones.  These are around a year old and I have the original box, case, and literature.  The pads are brand new but are not as good as the stock ones.  The stock ones were grey velour and a bit softer whereas these are black velour and feel like they would be a bit less comfortable (they haven't been worn though so IDK).  The old pads were/are pretty gross.  These were my go to cans for over a year so they are not in mint condition but they are not terrible either.  There's no real noticeable flaws (other than the newer pads and the grills looking a tiny bit worn) and they sound great.  I'm not sure what these go for anymore so I'll start 'em at $230 shipped and go from there.  



Thanks.  (sorry for the bad pics)

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