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For Sale: Matrix M-stage, Leckerton UHA-6s

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For Sale:
Matrix M-stage, Leckerton UHA-6s

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hey,  I'm selling all my gear.  


First up is my 1 year old matrix m-stage.  This is the 2nd version I think.  At one point I did the class-a mod to it but its just stock right now.  It will come with the power cord but nothing else.  I don't have the box or anything and I don't think it came with much in the way of accessories anyhow.  Sold 


Next up is my Leckerton audio UHA-6s DAC/amp combo.  I bought this new around last August or something and really like this little dac/amp combo.  I recently had some problems with it but I sent it in to Leckerton for repairs.  It just came back about a week or so ago and it works fine now.  This will come with two generic cables, one optical and one usb to usb micro.  I'm asking $220 shipped. 


Last is my little udac 2 that I've had for a year.  This unit works great but its just a udac (I don't really want to make a new add for it in the source section.)  It will come with a plain usb cable but that's it.  I don't have any of the documentation anymore.  sold




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Price Drop.

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PM send


greets Jens

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Still interested in the amp, but I guess I maxed out my available pm's yesterday. Feel free to send me a message with your info.  Thanks. 

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