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I am interested in what jarrett thinks of the MEElec A151's?


The price range is similar to that of the Sony,so I 'd be interested to hear how the two compare.

MEElec has some good rep with limiting microphonics and I've read a couple complaints from buyers,(Amazon), who said the sound was great but microphonics were problematic.

A comparison review between these two would be keen! 


i would get the a151s if u are really into am radios

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use the small earbuds noise isolation is the only way to listen in their splendor xba-1 sound is very good quality much change my love.

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Hello. What's the difference between the xba-1 and the xba-10 ?
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The XBA-1 is balanced but quite mid-centric, while the XBA-10 focuses less on the mids and results in an even more balanced sound. Details are also easier to notice. Btw, to the other guys on this forum, the new second gen XBA series has been out for some time, so maybe u all should stop talking about the first gen XBA series. The second gen features great improvements and are at the same price as the previous series.
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Punslayer, u mentioned on the first page u were afraid to get the XBA-3 as your first multi driver IEM due to your perception of the 3 drivers screwing up the sound. With the XBA-30, the second gen version of the XBA-3, and is also selling at the same price, it is extremely neutral, and plus, the metallic treble of the XBA-3 has also been removed. Overall, all the 4 models have had some sort of sonic improvement.
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So I'm surprised that it's being sold at $25.47 USD. Just wondering if they're legitimate.

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