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For Sale: Westone UM3X

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Westone UM3X

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Located in Australia.

HD600: Sold
Have the box for it, accessories, etc. Silver driver version.
Very good condition and a nice pair of headphones.

Reason for Selling:
I barely use these now that I have a nice set of speakers. Selling these will fund some acoustic treatment materials.
Asking ~$250 before postage (Should be $8-$14, PM me and we'll work something out)

Purchased off of here recently. Comes with original packaging, receipt, carry case and theee pairs of comply T100s (standard platinum colour). Very good condition.

Reason for Selling:
Gotta sate my curiousity for other cans/IEMs. I don't get much time to use these anymore either.
Asking $280

Let me know your location for shipping estimates.
Would trade for shure 535 or akg k550. Last bump before I change my mind. I love these IEMs too much.
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R/C or non R.C?

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Non R.C.
I'll get some pictures up!
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Got some quick pictures up, but they're a little less than flattering.
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payment made for 600s...

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And sent, the receipt is in your inbox.

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PM sent

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I am interested to buy your um3x. I live in singapore and i would like to know the total price.. Thanks and is the item in mint condition?

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pm'ed u

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