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Sennheiser MX270 vs MX400

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So my Yuin pk3s finally crapped out on me, and I'm in the market for new earbuds. My price range is like $15, and both the mx270 and mx400 are in it. My musical taste is very eclectic, and I don't know how the two sound signatures compare.

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The MX400 is very bass deficient. The MX270 is probably better, but may still be bass deficient. If you want a cheap earbud with plenty of bass, then get the Sony E828. It is around $8 on Amazon. If you don't mind getting an IEM, the Panasonic RP-HJE120 for around $6 on Amazon is a great value. The E828 is also much more efficient than the other cheap earphones mentioned here.


Since you were using the Yuin PK3, none of these may satisfy you, and you might need to get the MX580 to be satified. I have the MX580 and love it.

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