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Looking for cranial-listening devices...

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Greetings. Although this is my first post on Head-Fi, I have spent more than enough time reading various threads on the site. Actually, I am only posting because I am having trouble finding a pair of headphones, despite many hours of research. I primarily listen to industrial/psychedelic/ambient, and am looking for something that provides relatively intense bass, while maintaining satisfactory SQ. I would prefer something around or below $250.


I realize I'm doing a terrible job explaining things, so hopefully these may clarify:





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denon ah-d2000 from J&R. if you call you can get an under 250 price. great bass good overall headphone huge bang for the buck, very comfy too,

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Check out:


Denon D2000 ($218)

Beyer DT770

Beyer DT990 PRO

Ultrasone PRO 750

AudioTechnica A900X


I'd go Denon, then DT990 PRO, then Ultrasone for bass.


Very best,

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X3 on Denons. 

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