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For Sale: FS: Fischer Audio Tandem

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For Sale:
FS: Fischer Audio Tandem

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'd love to hang onto these cause they sound fantastic.. but I recently bought an HE-500 so I'm selling the Tandems to soften the blow to my wallet.  


You can read my review of them here.  They've garnered excellent reviews around HeadFi from all the reputed sources.  FA did a great job in recreating a 'vintage loudspeaker' sound too.. quite unique and extremely enjoyable & immersive.


Used rarely, never been around any smoke, pets, or even taken outdoors, these Tandems are in mint condition & come with all accessories (pouch, large assortment of tips).


Payment to be made via PayPal as a gift (or add 4%) // No trades // free shipping!


Pics will be provided upon request.

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Photos added!

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