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fake sennheiser mx760?

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I'm new in here, came here from reviews I found on google, great site.

A few months ago I bought the HD448 from someone on ebay, I'm very pleased with it but now I want to buy the MX760, the seller (who is no longer selling on ebay) gave me an offer of 26$ for those earphones and by what I saw on your site and on Sennheiser site the mx760 are no longer avilable and this model is discontinued.

I asked him about it and here's the conversation:



Hello again,
I'm sorry for asking it because I bought from you before and I'm pleased from the headphones but on the web it say's that the mx760 are not available anymore and sennheiser don't make them anymore.
How can I know it's not a fake one?


The seller:


yes, we know . but our item belongs to OEM products which do not authorized officially. the original one is passed the official testing . our item is only through OEM testing. there is no big difference in technically. official licensed products charges high taxes . our products doesn't charge the taxes. that's why the price we sell is low . however, the quality of our products is also guaranteed. so please take these two advantages into your purchasing consideration.
anything we can help with, please do not hesitate to contact us freely .


So is it fake\worth 26$ ?

Or which other earphones (not in-ear) would you recommend me? for about 20-26$? I mostly hear black music and house so I want something with good deep bass and overall good quality and worm sound without using an amp.

Thank you.

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I'm sorry? The seller is admitting it's fake. Not authorized and not originally tested. I have no idea if it's worth 26 dollars though. 

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Can you reccomend me about other model by the details that I edited up there?

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Blue Ever Blue 328R

havent heard them but here


it says

"Warm, well textured with a deep bass that captivates the audience."

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