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modded KTXPRO1 I like a  lot more than PortaPro modded or not. Give it a shot maybe. Don't expect it to beat your PX100 but be a nice complement to it when you want a more aggressive sound. BTW I plan to recable my PX100 with 24AWG EBS/ABU grade cable. Really nice pure copper stuff when it arrives. The stock cable is trash. It'll never fit in its case with the new cable but that's okay. Some hifi modders do mods to the driver itself. Anyone know some that don't involve drilling?

Thanks for suggestion. I made new diy pads for portas, from same foam as my px100 pads, and they improved sound and comfort aswell. Comfort still can't match px100 though. But I feel portas do complement px100 well, so it's nice to have them.