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Originally Posted by keepitsimple View Post

i have had about 30 pairs as they break

30 pairs you say, huh... Just several pages back I was getting some heat from folks who thought I was unreasonable saying the PX 100 ii's are designed to break.


This little thing ended up costing you well over a grand, it looks like. 


Sennheiser made a great portable headphone and made it so fragile it breaks with light use. I sent them an email about it long ago. No response. 

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PX100IIi works best for me. Good sound quality. Comfortable and light for long listening. Some open ambient is convenient. Certified iPhone controls, and that's my usual source. I use others (Shure SRH145m+) but there aren't many (any?) direct alternates.

It's clear from MorrisL and others that the frame may be delicate, and that is not likely to change. But it is a great headphone, so careful + spares.
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I wonder why Katun dethroned the PX 100 ii on his profile, replacing it with the Audio Technica R70x.


If he's reading this, maybe he can comment on it. How much are these new Audio Technicas an improvement on the PX 100 ii?

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