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Originally Posted by drofeel71 View Post

Try buying some HD414 pads for them, lessens the bass and makes the treble more airy. Enjoy your new phones

I'll wait a few more hours of usage and enjoy them as stock. But I'll consider that mod in the future, yes! Thanks!

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Here he is....my brother is with me as I type....he is now fascinated by headphones somewhat....because he, like I has upgraded to smart phones.  After purchasing numerous cheap ear buds and being dissappointed, he now owns my PX100s.  Other than a slight subbass roll off....he felt these are perfect.


He also enjoyed the Portapros a lot...but he felt that extra sub bass on the PX100s were a bit better for his urban music.  His criteria is he does not want amps....just a straight connection to his Iphone 5.


"That sound signature is right on the money...except that slight sub bass roll off"...according to he.

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It´s very hard or impossible to make it flat on subbas only with hardware. Way easier to use some DSP, and that´s where we hit the wall with current smartphones I guess. They need to work on this and make better audio amplifiers and real time audio processing with ui to make good professional setup/settings to the sound. It cannot take much more moeny. One week of programming for good engineer...


But I can agree on all that.

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Do you suppose they're using class D amps on smart phones already?  Shouldn't class D be the default amplifier inside a smart phone?

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Neutron MP has a fantastic parametric equalizer.
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D class amplifier has nothing to do with signal processing. It also is not really more quality class. It just got "good enaugh recently" and is effective on power. That´s it. I wrote about real, realtime signal processing. This needs CPU power, good SW and compatibility, not the amplyfier, even when better one would be good.


Zorrofox: 4 band simple graphic PEQ is a joke. I´m talking about really adjustable DSP, including precise frequency setting, decibels of course, but also Q settings and even more, and at least 10 bands/slots to use. Things like additional rumble processing, normalization, surround sound and stuff can be fun to use, but this is not why I need to use processing power and deplete my battery on mobile device... Anyway thanks for help. Maybe I´m helpess :-)

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I wonder what apps are available for harnessing the cpu for sound processing?

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I have no Idea how this works with android devices and it´s current hardware, but once you want surround sound, effects or equalisation, it´s pretty natural to think it is CPU based thing, and not audio circuit HW thing. Hope I´m right. I think I am... For now I use NRG player.  It has 10 bands EQ some bass boost (not just amplyfication), treble and reverbation effect, preamp feature and there was some note that it takes battery power if I activate these. That way it´s propably CPU based SW thing. But it is not enaugh for gearhead and audio fanatics. It needs to have command line for 10+ memory slots of DSP settings I already explained. For other efects it should also be frequency adjustable etc. I´m pretty sure todays multicore mobile processors can handle that (to a certain point).

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I'm not one to use much EQ generally but the parametric EQ in Neutron works wonderfully with all my headphones. Certainly much better than the 10-band EQ in the likes of Poweramp. YMMV.
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This is where we divide in opinion. I´m certain that (hopefully propably very same) the 10 band EQ in NRG player is certainly better. Well, it´s good when there is not always widely agreeable conclusion. Can happen. I couldn´t live without it or better one on my PC. Especially not for standalone speakers, where one needs to do some setup for his room modes (standing waves) and stuff...

If this works for you, I actually envy you in some way... :-)

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It works for me because I choose headphones which are pretty much exactly what I want to hear and tweak the rest as required. I wasn't talking about loudspeakers or room dynamics because this is a headphone forum.
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Yes, this can work, but open headphones for good price you would like to wear all the time, and perfectly hardware-way compensated for flat response are not that easy to get, if even possible. With some processing, you can get many cheaper solutions to work excellently, so why pay for thing when we can have it software aided. Of course not absolutely, but to a point. And that´s what counts...

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Sub bass on an open headphone like the PX100-II (especially being a dynamic headphone) is never going to be great. that is closed headphones and planar territory.
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Yes, agree. But this is why I´d like to have some processing that can do at least something. It´s pretty natural thing to do when one does compromises. I just can´t wear some big closed headphones. Not for me unfortunately :-(.

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Hi, for anyone out there owning a momentum over ear and px100ii, i have a question for you guys.
I've purchased my momentum last year on ebay and i'm happy with the sound. However, i do noticed that the momentum sounds linear in the bass area, while many reviewers said they were on the bassy side. I compared it with my px100ii and heard that the px100ii is much fuller in the bass area than the momentum. Does this make my momentum a fake one? Desperating for help now frown.gif
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