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I have heard fiio recommend u unplug and completley drain the batteries power once a month. They said this in the E17 thread. The only battery i know that is easily and supposed to be user replaceable is e11 the rest if you try, you could but would void warranty I THINK.I would send fiio a pm on head fi. They answer in 1-2 days and getting personal message is important

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According to FiiO, the E10 has no build in battery. The E6 can hold 20 hours of playing once it is fully charged. Its life span is 500 cycles.

So if I listen to it (E6) four hours a day, it will runs 73 cycles per year and last for abt 20 years...hell, for under $30.00 I would not concern about its longevity since it will out last me.


Do not know abt the E7 but again, to me its battery  will last a pretty long ,long time.....Fear not, my friends. I am very fond of FiiO products and I highly recommend their product. This message is not paid for by FiiO and is not endorsed by any right wing nut jobs or left wing nut jobs. biggrin.gif

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unless your computer is a Mac, or a desktop PC with a $100+ dedicated sound card..the DAC and what not is probably better on your ipod >_< i recommend LOD with ipod. that gives you a pure DAC straight from analog signal from ipod gs1000.gif


will you notice a difference from desktop(let's assume a regular laptop) and ipod with E11 through 3.5? ....? i dont' know about you. but for my computer.. it's night and dusk. which means it is kinda  close but u can still tell a diff. oh and btw. if you use with comptuer or ipod through 3.5mm jack(get an lod) set volume to about 60% so you aren't maxing out your devices amp which adds hiss, distortion etc to it. any other questions. 


did you read? how was it?? oh plz note. i didn't say anything about E11,E10,or E7 being able to do anything at all. just conjecture or recommend it. i just did general sound properties in my posts and things on E17 (hint hint for anybody else reading)

OK, so by using Fiio E11, does Graphical Equalizer is still needed or not ?


I'm using my Fiio E11 on my laptop line out using 3.5 cable because in order to get better sounds from my Westone W4 IEM, I understand that using amp is a must.

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