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Xcape IE - 6 wires in headphone cable?!

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I thought I'd make a new thread instead of bumping an older less specific one.


I'm going to replace the plug to my Sunrise Xcape IEs and they have a total of 6 wires in the cable rather than 3 or 4. They are colored red, green, blue, striped red (copper), striped blue, and copper. Can anyone confirm which channels they correspond to? Thanks in advance

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bump with mysterious picture.





edit: I got a reply from Sunrise about the cable. They told me this:


- Right channel: Blue + yellow 
- Left channel: Green + Blue combine with Yellow


not sure if by "yellow" they meant the copper wire. it didn't seem that way when I tested it earlier.

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so nobody knows or no one can help me?

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Does the cable have a mic or something...?

Your best bet is to use a multimeter and see if you can figure it out that way...mine has a continuity check that actually runs a beeping noise through the wire which you can actually hear in the headphones, I'm not sure if most modern ones do that anymore though.  You could also try ripping apart the plug at the end to see how it's soldered there?

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no mic.

the old xcape plug is so solid that I can't check how its soldered, sadly. unless i take like a sledgehammer...

also its not worth me buying a multimeter unless it's really cheap. I wouldn't know what to get either.


I sent an email to sunrise audio (which i didn't even know had a website.) and maybe they can reply back sometime.


edit: lmao. just now out of curiousity I wanted to see what the plug looked like on the cable and closed them up, wires all scrunched up touching the pins. up until now I never got any sound to come out ever, then all of a sudden I heard MUSIC when I plugged them in. if only for a tiny while. that sparked a little hope in me at least :DDD.


also saving scraps from old headphones paid off. cause now i have a proper strain relief on the Rean/Neutrik plug I got. (thanks u senny cx400. R.I.P.) it looks really nice.




I finally discovered the secret to headphone plugs and I feel a little noob, I held a copper wire in place to the ground while I tested each other wire on left or right channel on the plug. what did i find? red was completely useless or maybe it's ground. green was indeed left. red stripe and blue stripe seem also pretty dead. and blue...ZOMG RIGHT CHANNEL >:DD. so it looks like I found my answer guys. to all that replied (in various threads) thanks for the suggestions but in the end I came up with my own. wish me luck at the soldering part cause I already know it's another huge obstacle.

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Thanks for solving the mystery, Mr. Sherlock.

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So there's two wires inside that is not soldered to anywhere? confused.gif

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I think I wrote it wrong. The red wire seems to do nothing while the striped ones are tied to ground. either that or I cut my red somewhere up the wire. the green and blue are definitely left and right tho. too bad I messed up the soldering and might have to get another plug xD again I don't see the point of so many grounds. one would've been fine, Sunrise.

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