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i never use the free version before but i guess the advertisement pop up is enough to kill the bandwidth and battery.

There is a feature which you must try..goto settg-> sound effect-> Sound Effect Sharing and download some cool eq made by other users...get a EQ  name "Perfect Sound Final" and if you are a bass head get the "sony clear bass lv 3"

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I never use EQ,



It sounds fine as it is.


but I appreciate the tip!

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How do you get rid of that annoying finger-image that sweeps over the title all the time?

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Originally Posted by ThorH View Post

How do you get rid of that annoying finger-image that sweeps over the title all the time?

 Nevermind.  Found it out.  ;)

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Originally Posted by KT66 View Post

I got it, go into the editing screen (icon shows a pencil) tick the songs you want to move , then click on the scissors icon, (btw all the icons are stupidly small and make this more difficult than it should be).
Then click on the media icon top left so you are leaving the editing screen, then open the folder you want , then click on the editing icon again , then click on the paste icon ( the one that shows a clipboard) and it should move the file.


Thanks so much kt66!  I thought I had tried that button but I guess it must have registered my hitting the "+" instead.  


Loading flac files is still a more cumbersome process than I would like in Capriccio, but now that I can make folders, this will totally meet my flac playback needs on my ipad!  Thanks again for explaining the process beerchug.gif

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Just bought Capriccio to give it a whirl...will see if I can figure it out...biggrin.gif
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Its 99 cents so its probably worth it. I'm using it and I love it. The best part of it is the sharing of preset EQs with other users.

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Originally Posted by ThorH View Post

How do you get rid of that annoying finger-image that sweeps over the title all the time?

how do you get rid of it?

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Found this thread after doing some googling. Filezilla is the best to transfer FLAC files (or any other files) from your computer to your iPhone for the Capriccio player. Just start-up Filezilla and connect to your iPhone (as described in a previous post) and simply drag all the folders across from your computer to your iPhone. All the folders/files get created correctly on your iPhone.


Guys, don't bother creating folders on the iPhone and then cutting/pasting files. That is way too much work.

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I Try all ios software,

1 - Capriccio ( this is the best ios player)
2 - BBE
3 - Radsone

But all third party software have a problem for ios 7 betas. (voice have distortion and blur) I dont know the reason. I think the sound engine is changed for the new ios.

Best Capriccio Equalizer "Trance Edition for Earpod"
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leftside - you should clarify that filezilla requires jailbreak and cydia to work.
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No it doesn't :) You run Filezilla from your PC. It detects the iPhone as a device when Capriccio is running, allowing you to directly copy folders/music to Capriccio.

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So this thread's kinda old, but it was really helpful for me. Capriccio seems like a good app, and I'm here to back up the Filezilla thing - you DON'T need a jailbroken device as of this posting, with the latest iOS. You do need a decently fast wifi network however. It also works from a Mac. Here's the steps you take (Mac):


Get Capriccio

Get Filezilla

Go into the main screen in Capriccio (keep hitting what looks like the play arrow in the left upper-ish area of the screen)

You should now see a dark black screen with some blue icons in the lower middle.

One of those icons looks like the typical 'wifi' thing. (radio tower with waves coming out)

Make sure it says "ON" next to this icon.

Open Filezilla

Click on the upper-leftmost button on the FileZilla window, looks like an old computer tower

This opens Site Manager

Click 'New Site'

In the 'General' tab, enter the FTP host number that Capriccio gave you when you turned wifi transfer on (it popped up in a green box at the top of the screen for me)

Use port 21

At the bottom of the window, click 'Connect'

You should now get a series of messages that says this:


Status: connecting to XXXXXXXXX

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...

Response: 220 Welcome to ....


Now, click and drag the files you want to transfer to the bottom pane of the FileZilla window

At the top of the screen where your menu bar is, click in the 'Transfer' menu for FileZilla

Click 'Process Queue'


And voila, magically your music shoots through the airwaves and settles in your iDevice.


**IMPORTANT** - if your iDevice locks (screen lock, auto-off, sleep, whatever you want to call it) this will interrupt the file transfer. I recommend setting the device to not turn off while you're loading music.

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^^^ Yes - these are the steps to follow. I no longer use iTunes.

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I thank God my Iphone5 is not my main DAP

just the thought of using Itunes is bad enough.

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