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Capriccio for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

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Considering the quality of this app, I'm surprised that we don't have a discussion about it at Head-Fi.


For those who don't know, it's a music player that can take FLAC, WAV, OGG, and AIFF on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. The nice touch is that it has a 10-band equalizer, and there are multiple effects that can be layered on top of the equalizer.


In my opinions, despite the not so polished interface (it's not bad, by the way), the sound quality of the app is top notch. It's by far my favorite music player on the iPhone. It has completely replaced the iPod app to me.

So is anyone else here using it?

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I have downloaded the free version and will try it later.


What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?




Other good apps are equalizer, Flacplayer, Sonicmaxpro, EQu, stereophonic.

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Free is ad-supported, but as far as I can see, no real difference to the paid version. It might vampire your data plan, though.


I tried Flac Player. It was nice (I actually liked the interface), but it lacked an equalizer.

I also tried MyTunes, Equalizer and EQu, and they didn't support FLAC the last time I had them. MyTunes was particularly crash-prone.


I haven't tried the other apps mentioned, but compared to Flac Player, MyTunes, Equalizer, and EQu, I found Capriccio coming out on top in its initial release. Perhaps I should download the recent versions of Equalizer and EQu to compare.

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I just got the paid version of Capriccio. I really like the SQ so far. Yeah, the UI is a bit 5th grader. Any idea how it reads album art? Can I just use the "folder.jpg/cover.jpg" method, or.. ?

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I've downloaded Capriccio for the Ipad (just got an HD).  Anyway, the player is awesome but getting any help info is almost impossible.  How the heck do you set the EQ???

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I'm having trouble using Capriccio. Downloaded the paid version, did everything in "help" to transfer files via Filezilla (can't see any other easy way to do it-I know, iTunes can be used, but I don't think it would work with FLAC). Anyway, do the whole thing, enter the htp:// address in the bar as directed, won't connect. The site, which has some help, is basically useless. Anyone have any idea what I did or didn't do (wifi is working just fine, btw. Using the new iPAD)


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With Flacplayer app...


...I connect my ipod touch to my macbook, then open itunes.


Go to my ipod/device, then apps -scroll down to flacplayer.....and add via there.




*Hope this is helpful, maybe capricco has the same system.


other ipod touch/ipad/iphone FLAC apps are flacplayer, golden ear and equalizer PRO.

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Can transfer flacs, even 24/96, via apps/Capriccio in itunes, but only as lots of seperate files all in one sequence. Folder dragging not possible. Help is just not available. Frustrating.

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I'm slow...took a while to find file sharing in iTunes, now I did, but I don't see how you drag FLAC files in there. Do I import them under "files"? Once they are in itunes, I don't see a way to drag them without leaving the filesharing  (this is on my iMac). I tried with Finder, but not able as well, won't keep both open on same screen. I have a PC, generally you don't expect things to be easier with an Apple product on a PC, but I'm more comfortable with it. Any help? I know it must be something simple I'm not seeing, but can't seem to get it going. Thanks

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With your ipad plugged you go to the apps tag for your ipad on itunes on your main computer (PC for me, I assume it's the same on a mac) and then half way down under File Sharing is a list of apps that can share files with your ipad. Capriccio should be there and if you select it a window appears with an Add... button. You can also drag files into it, but unhelpfully not folders, for some reason.

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Thanks-I did try dragging, as you said, wouldn't do folders, got files with tagging messed up (I have many live FLAC files, generally mainly identified by the folder name). I'll see if I can remove them and try again with the add button, so I can tell what's what.

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So, I tried it with the "add" button, and it takes full files, but then I can't find them in Capriccio. I think I'll give up and convert to ALAC, use itunes, this is too much trouble.

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Just get Flacplayer app, so much easier.

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Is it? I was thinking of buying it, but didn't feel like spending another $10 on another useless app. If it's more user friendly, though, it'd be worth every penny.

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(that's what I get for cheaping out in the first place...)

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