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Definitely.  Clarity, timbre and detail are it's major strengths.  It will take some time to break them in because I do mostly low-volume listening.  I don't have much experience with speakers so it would be great if some you all got a pair too biggrin.gif.


The Taboo has no problem driving the speakers well.  I recently added a SS pre-amp and that helped bring out additional energy from the speakers.  Would like to try a Bottlehead or CSP2+ next as a preamp.  I do need to pick up a solid 12AT7/12AU7 to replace the 12AX7 now that I have a preamp in line.  Found a used Era sub that I've thrown into the mix and this 2.1 channel Taboo rig is bad arse.  Would like to get the Blumenstein sub but that might be a while.  Sub rounds out the full-range Orcas very well.  I think most people will want a sub.  Orcas are full range speakers but the weight at the low end may have people wanting a sub.  I suppose that is not too uncommon.  How many passive, efficient bookshelf speakers under $1K have enough low end bass that does not require an additional sub unit?  


Taboo is a gateway amp to more Decware amps!   




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^ still enjoying those orcas WNBC?
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I went on the Orca site and they look gorgeous! I wish I was near someone to audition a pair.
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Thanks WNBC very helpful impressions.

The kef satellites I'm using (with taboo & separate sub driven off the csp2) are less efficient than the orcas and sound natural except for distinct lack of top end sparkle and air.

From your impressions I think the orcas have the right attributes. They would be more dynamic too. Almost certain to try them in the next few months...
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Someone can tell me more about the synergie between a LCD-2 rev2 and the Decware Zen Taboo?



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.........How many passive, efficient bookshelf speakers under $1K have enough low end bass that does not require an additional sub unit?  







I happen to use a pair of Alesis Monitor 1 MK2 Passive speakers for my main 2 Channel tubed speaker 12W amp and home theatre system.


This pair of <US$200 speakers has enough low end bass for Blu Ray movies or serious Tube Amp use.

Japanese Ondekoza drums, yup those HUGE drums, have a rippling low end which is gripping and can literally shake one's molars.


Low end sub is not included in my main rig.....

(and not needed either) wink.gif

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WNBC, your question:


How many passive, efficient bookshelf speakers under $1K have enough low end bass that does not require an additional sub unit?  


My answer:


Decware Trapezium Speakers. Definitely worth an audition :)

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I don't know what "passive" is when it comes to speakers. No internal amp?   I have the Klipsch Heresy III bookshelf speakers and I like them with my CSP2+, TABOO combination.  The highs and mids are realistic in my mind.  They seem fast with good attack on snares and cymbals.  I enjoy listening to them.  When I put on the LCD2 headphones they reveal much more depth in bass.  The Heresy speakers go to 56Hz and I bet that is par for bookshelf speakers.  I don't know of a sub unit that would be fast enough to go with them.  In the size room I have I couldn't be happier with my music.    

I now have the USAF 596 rectifier in both the Taboo and CSP2+.  It just keeps getting better and better.  My TT is here and I purchased a DECWARE phono stage off ebay.  It is an older one with a separate power source.  I am fabricating a record cleaning rig.  Yesterday I found Handel's Messiah and some old Frank Sinatra albums at the thrift store for $1 each.  I am excited to see what the vinyl will reveal.  I was told today that Pandora One, the one you pay for, comes through at 196, whatever that means. Pandora sounds good on my system. The Jazz Essentials channel on Pandora is perfect for my tastes and I come across really well engineered music on the Hawaiian channel, which is under World, along with Zydago.  

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WNBC, your question:


How many passive, efficient bookshelf speakers under $1K have enough low end bass that does not require an additional sub unit?  


My answer:


Decware Trapezium Speakers. Definitely worth an audition :)

+1 for trap speakers.  I have been using them with my mini torri with excellent results,  absolutely love em :P

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My room configuration isn't great for proper speaker placement so the sub is helping me cheat a bit.  The tone and clarity from these Orcas is beyond engaging.  I won't be giving them up any time soon.  Would love to audition the Trapezium as well so that I can compare.  My experience thus far from hearing these single-driver full range speakers is amazement.  Holographic.  Steve has two single-driver speakers.  Now those must be some serious speakers.        


I'm all speaker'd out for now.  I would definitely like to try the Decware speakers down the road......when I go 4.1 channels with a Taboo + pair of Orcas + pair of Torri Monos.......a man can dream.........


Lord, those Aleisis do fit my budget and might give those a try with the Taboo and home theater rig.

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Hi Everyone; I have been following this thread for a while. I am looking to get a tube amp that can drive speakers and headphones, but I disposable funds have been curtailed with the birth of my daughter this year. I am thus looking for an amp that will give me most bang for the buck. I have an amp that can drive my hd800 but I am also thinking of getting planars some time down the line.


So to get to the point, I have noticed that the mini torii mk ii came out this weekend and while it looks nice, the option for headphone jack was removed. If anyone has information on whether I could still order one, I would appreciate you sharing it. 


I know the taboo is recommended for headphones and speakers but I am concerned about its low input sensitivity. I really don't want to purchase the CSP, especially since I already have headphone amp. 


I am also curious if the Zen Torii mk III could be fitted with a headphone jack. To be honest I have a pair of Polk speakers rated at 90dB so the Zen Torii may e more suitable. I know it is quite more expensive, and it is long-shot for me now, but if I can keep my old speakers (and convince my wife ;-)) , that would limit expenses down the line. 


Thanks for your replies! 

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Hi Cante,


I noticed the updated Mini Torii announcement yesterday as well...I have an original MT w/ headphone jack that is getting upgraded with the jupiter caps and the feedback switch. Steve at Decware said he couldn't change the white top to the black one...didn't say anything about changing the aluminum chassis to the steel one...I don't think he can update that as well...but I would guess that the new MT could still get the headphone mod. But it is interesting that it's not included on the new product page...


Of course, calling Decware and talking to Steve is your best bet. I don't know about the Zen Torii MKIII being able to have a headphone out. That's another good question for Steve. I don't recall hearing anyone with that kind of mod on an MKIII..


My MT sounded great with my LCD 2 rev 2's and my Trapezium desktop speakers rated at 89db...it sounds like the MT would be able to work well with your 90db Polk speakers but I'm not familiar with those speakers and how big they are and how big the room is you will have them in and how loud you wanna play them...I guess all these things come into play, but the MT has some oomph for sure! The reason I got the MT was for the same reasons your looking into it. I wanted an amp that would drive my Planar magnetic headphones AND drive some very efficient speakers. 2 in one! The MT fits the bill for me and should be even better after the new mods! Steve really feels like the new caps are gonna take the MT to a new level...


Also I know I have small desktop speakers with my MT now, but it's very cool that I'll be able to pair them with bigger more efficient speakers down the line (like when I have more space/$$). I'm not married yet, but I was thinking that when I am, it will be easier to convince the wife that I "just" need to get new bigger speakers for our bigger (shared) living space as opposed to saying "Hey honey, I have to sell this amp I've had and I'm gonna loose some money when I do, and then I'm gonna buy a new amp AND new speakers for it"..


That's all still a few years away for me, but I keep an eye out for efficient speakers and read up on them from time to time and there really are some interesting options out there so I'm not worried about being able to find the right pair for my set-up. I just love that the MT is so versatile. Tons of tube rolling options, tone knob, two inputs and a pair of outputs and now the feedback knobs on both channels..


Hope this helps a bit...and congrats on the baby!

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It's likely the headphone option can be fitted on request - at extra charge. It was requests (from head-fiers) that led to the hp options for Taboo and Mini Torii.


Call Decware and talk to Steve to discuss this and your general needs. I understand he is delightful to talk to.


Personally, I still get best performance from my LCD2r1 using this setup - DAC (2 or 2.2Vrms = 2.8-3.1V peak) --> Taboo with 12AT7 driver --> LCD. Highly transparent and resolving, with good microdynamics.


CSP2 significantly adds dynamics and weight with speakers. Until the right tube combination is found - I haven't quite got it right yet - Taboo's transparency can suffer with the LCD2.


Zen Torii - IDK. Others here will have more experience, or look in the Decware forums.

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quick question for you all, do any of you hear any humming/buzzing/ANY kind of noise or sound when you have headphones (any headphones) connected to your Decware gear when NO music is playing??? Do you find this noise normal? Abnormal? Does it not bother you much once music starts playing if you have any noise at all?

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Thanks HPDJ and AiDee!

I appreciate your input. I will definitely contact Steve, but your opinions provide a valuable input. 


HPDJ - sorry you could not change you chases, but in my opinion the power white looks just as nice. Good luck with your mods! Let us know how they sound.

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