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Denon 103 is a classic good value cartridge. I had a Denon TT years ago and I wish I had kept it.
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Original from Frimpy....   "Would like to upgrade PHONO STAGE from Cambridge 551P any ideas. Can't financially do a Decware phono pre at this time, $500 or under any ideas.

                                         Audio decisions can be tough, get less expensive phono pre now or wait and save for a Decware phono pre ???"


I asked a question a few days ago on this thread and I want to thank all of you that responded with advise. I will be taking your advise and wait.



What a great group of folks on this thread I thank you again.


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We all love audio and we all know you will be happier saving for a Decware piece!
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FWIW, the Decware ZP3 is worth every penny IMO.


Not any loading options, but it sounds great to my ears!

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Installed the USAF 596 rectifier tube in my CSP2+.  Larger soundstage, more realistic sounding classical guitars, better separation, made my whole system better.  I run the CSP2+ into a TABOO.  I wonder if having another 596 tube installed in the TABOO would make near as much difference.  The plates in the 596 are twice as long as the rectifier I was using.

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Yes.  The 596 works equally well in the Taboo.  It's the best rectifier I have tried.

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Who is a good source of these USAF596 rectifiers?  I just started using an Emission Labs 5U4G.  Anybody tried the Psvane EL84's or 12AT7 tubes in their Taboo? 

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Check out the Woo Audio Owners Unite Thread.  Someone there is selling some 596s.  You will also need to get an adapter.

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Received brand new Decware SE34i.5 yesterday, oh my what a day. Still excited about toys at 58 years old.

Pics of how well it was packed. Oh my gosh packed better than an infant in a winter blizzard.


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My new Decware SE34i.5 unpacked.  Had it running for a while last night and most of the day today. Was running a Mapletree 2A SE preamp and a HK Citation 19 power amp. (100w. RMS ). Pushing my Klipsch Quartets with 6 watts does sound just fine thru my cd player, there is enough oomph even for rock n roll. Now the turntable is a different story. My present phono stage is a cambridge 551p with only 39db of gain....not really enough for me.  Spoke with Steve at Decware for about an hour today ( great guy easy to talk and discuss problems and options with. (No one else I know in this business is as honest,sincere and will help guide you in a direction for your needs not his.)

Anyway we (Steve and I ) decided to go ahead with my DNA speakers, I was worried about there being enough oomph to power them since they are 89db and my klipsch's are 97 db...

Steve advised that the Decware Z3 phono stage with resolve this issue.....I've also order some 6n2p tubes from Russia should help me with my phono gain issue.


Sorry if my previous pics took up to much room, wanted to show how well this amp was packed.

Sound.wise...its all its said to be.  More to follow as it burns in.

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Congrats Frimpy, that really is a sweet looking amp.  I've been trying to find an excuse to get one for my bedroom...



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Frimpy it looks awesome! Congrats and enjoy!



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Congrats Frimpy!

Christmas has come early for you . wink.gif
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I run old Hammond Organ EL84s in my TABOO and I went with a 12AU7 after comparing it to the 12AT7 and the 12AT7A.  There seems to be more bite with the AT.  That new amp you got is sweet.  Piano recordings sound more realistic with the 596 rectifier.  

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What type of an adapter would you use to put the 596 in a Taboo?

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