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Originally Posted by ACDOAN View Post

I have to subscribe to both Spotify and MOG since my sons are heavy Internet gamers. I can only listen to Spotify while they are asleep otherwise my hi-speed AT&T Internet would not be as fast as without the Spotify for my sons play Internet games.


MOG is only good on my Iphone, Ipod Touch since I can play my playlist without connecting to the Internet. MOG drives me crazy on my IMac, and my laptop. I never can finish a portion of a song without severe intermittent audio drop out even when my sons are not on the Internet.


So my schedule is to listen to MOG on my Iphone, Ipod Touch any time I want and I listen to Spotify when my sons are asleep. What's with MOG on the IMac and HP laptop ? MOG works perfectly on my Iphone and my Ipod Touch. This does not make any sense to me.


Can somebody help me to figure it out what's going on with MOG?


Also technically speaking, even DSL easily has enough bandwidth for internet games and streaming music. Games require very little bandwidth; they rely on low ping* counts and exchange very small amounts of data back and forth - thus why the speed at which the packets matter the most. If your connection is having problems sustaining the two then there is something wrong with your hardware setup, most likely your router.  MOG is also extremely buggy.  Try using a different browser.  


*Fun Facts:


99% of the population is using the wrong terminology for your internet 'speed'. Your 'speed' is technically your ping count (the time it takes for your signal to leave your computer/device, hit the server and come back) while how much data you can move around is the rated amount/bandwidth.  Cell Phone 'bandwidths' are actually data caps, not bandwidth. Bandwidth looks like this XXps (i.e 1 Gbps - Gigabits per second (small b) or 50 MBps (Megabytes per second (large B) or 5 Mbps) while a data cap is just MB/GB/TB (i.e. 5GB (Gigabyte) or 1TB (Terrabyte)).

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Sorry I'm 2 or 3 weeks late, but here's the new 60 day free Spotify link:



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