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SB X-Fi vs. 2012?

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So I have an ancient PCI SoundBlaster X-Fi soundcard that I am still using.


I am about to upgrade to a new Z68 mobo.


Has the X-Fi withstood the test of time vs. on-board audio? If so, I guess I should keep it.


What soundcard options are available these days that beat the pants off of a SB X-Fi for $200 or less?



My PC speakers are nothing fancy: Old Boston Acoustics BA7800s. I use them for general PC use: compressed audio/music, gaming, etc. Not for video or music production.





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If it's not one of those fake XtremeAudio cards and actually has the EMU20k1 DSP, then it stands the test of time fairly well...if you're talking about gaming features. Analog output quality is another matter.


If you want an improvement there...your surround speakers are the main complication here. A card built strictly for stereo analog output (like the Titanium HD) will not do. You'd have to hunt down a newer revision of the X-Fi Forte that has all the problems fixed, apparently differentiated by a heatsink on the DSP.


Of course, this assumes that you still care that much about the X-Fi's gaming advantages in the first place. If you can do without those or it doesn't matter for your preferred games anyway (reading my guide can help), your options open up quite a bit.

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Gaming is not my concern. It's more audio SQ. Clarity/quality.

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The onboard audio on my P8Z68-V Pro picks up interference during high 3D load and high CPU load (video encoding, TF2 to name but 2 occasions), I therefore would say if you have a silent X-fi card you may find it better than a potential noisy onboard card.


For reference I have a 2600K CPU at 4.2Ghz under Turbo conditions, with EIST turned on, and HT turned on, a pair of HD5850 AMD cards and an AX850 PSU. I hope that the problems will be fixed when I receive my X-fi Titanium (non HD).

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If u are willing to spend up to $200 i'd rather dip in the used hifi/audio market and upgrade to better speakers L3000.gif

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