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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

UPDATE: The ESW10JPN has now been sold.
Current status on the IEMs: SOLD

EarSonics SM2 V1. I'm trying to sell this, due to my recent overspending.

The EarSonics SM2 V1s are in great shape, and I purchased them from Rip N Burn back in November of 2011. I am willing to let them go for SOLD. They still have warranty on them until April 14th of 2012. They includes the original packaging, the accessories, and the IEMs themselves.

I apologize for the poor picture quality, but it's all I have :/

If you are in Vancouver, and is interested in it, I'd be happy to meet up somewhere. Thank you.

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id you'd ship i'd take the esw10.


...sorry couldnt resist ;)

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Great deal for locals, those ESW10JPN are a steal. Too bad no shipping is available.

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ESW10JPN = Road trip!  Boston to Vancouver should only take me about 4 days....

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Superglued or not, it's one hell of a deal.
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i will buy it. pm sent

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Edit: Sold

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