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Wanted: WTB: earpads for FA-003

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WTB: earpads for FA-003

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Make your already good value headphones an even better bargain by selling me the extra set of earpads! 


Would be willing to pay up to around 35 dollars for them. 


Can be used but not abused. 

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Try this:
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I already have those, they are not the same as the FA-003 earpads.  Thanks though!

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Pleather vs. leather?
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No they're almost the same material but a slightly different shape.  The FA-003 earpads are thicker/deeper.  The HM5 pads are great pads, I just am looking for another 003 pad since mine aren't totally even and were a bit abused by the previous owner.  And I can't find anyone who will sell them to me new.  grrr


Come on people, these pads will be used for the greater good!!!

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