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For Sale: IC: Cavalli Compact Tube Hybrid (CTH) PCBs - rev 1.3 aka Rev A, Take 2!

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
IC: Cavalli Compact Tube Hybrid (CTH) PCBs - rev 1.3 aka Rev A, Take 2!

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Since the last GB left enough Headfi'ers still wanting to build a CTH, I offered to managing another run. I thought cfcubed's GB went very smoothly (preorder a fixed number of boards, instant paypal only, only ship to confirmed addresses) so I'm going to pattern this GB after his. I'm still very much a DIY rookie (I do have a couple of CTH's under my belt), so I'll not be able to really help with builds, etc. in this thread. We'll all rely on the good graces of runeight, cfcubed, mullet and others for that. Most of the BOM used in the last GB is still good. Two caps are out of stock - one has a replacement, the other is available at Digikey. Both the original are available at Digikey if you want to stick with those. I'll have a very slightly tweaked BOM up shortly. So here goes...


PCBs have been ordered & about 30 should be available for cost + shipping late Feb 2012 / early Mar 2012.

For now let's have a 4/person limit to assure those that want 'em get 'em.


Since this rev/BOM is proofed, I'll not be building a board before shipping them out. See this thread for info on this rev: http://www.head-fi.org/t/542279/the-cth-compact-tube-hybrid-rev-a-thread  and of course the Cavalli Audio DIY pages:http://www.cavalliaudio.com/do-it-yourself/


You may post an interest reply to this thread if you are very sure you'll go through with the purchase, again to assure those that really want & will really build 'em get 'em.  Will accept instant (non-CC) paypal payments for my cost/board ($10 USD) + all shipping costs & will ship to confirmed addresses.   


If you haven't built a CTH know that it's a solid, proven design intended for intermediate+ builders with a couple of successful builds under their belts.  We say this because it's 150+ through-hole parts in a 3"x5" space, its no fun tracking down build errors & the only support is through the DIY community.  Print out the scale PDF of the prior rev's silkscreen to have a clearer idea of this: http://www.cavalliaudio.com/diy/cth/main.php?page=instructions/assembly


2/3/12 - Ok - three board are claimed - I'll get a sheet together this weekend for tracking. I've put together a shared cart at Mouser with the components in the BOM that Mouser can supply. You'll notice in the BOM some parts have multiple lines. This is used to represent multiple sources, or different components that will work. For instance - K1E is backordered until around the end of Feb. You can wait, or use the alternate. All the parts in this shared BOM are currently available, but this BOM is strictly parts - add the case, etc. as desired/needed:




This link provides an Excel version of the current BOM:




The User, Count and Status of this GB is attached as a photo above!

2/6/12 - 9 Boards gone - I'll update the count image tonight. I've raised the board limit to 4. Please don't hoard - if you're not sure you're going to build them leave them for others.
2/7/12 - 14 boards gone, count image updated.
2/8/12 - 15 boards gone, count image updated. So I've seen a handful of 2-4 board orders from single post members. Please understand, if you are not an active member (showing posts, feedback or activity history), you will not be given boards in this GB. This may seem harsh, but this GB is for the benefit of active Head-Fi members. 
2/10/12 - Ok, after further discussion with the CTH brain trust, we've decided to relax the above restriction. New members my now order board, but I will ask you to confirm you order so I can keep an accurate count. Please restrict your board buying for personal builds. CTH is a treasured DIY amp that represents significant time/effort by the brain trust (runeight, cfcubed, contributions by others). Respect that, and enjoy!
Count image updated - 26 boards committed, 4 remaining. Also - boards shipped yesterday and should be in my hands early next week! Please be a bit patient on shipping, as I had cervical surgery yesterday, and It'll be a mid next week before I can get these out. 
2/10/12 - Ok, check the count image. 27 boards are allocated, 3 left. minami, you'll need to contact me and justify your requested 4 boards; as it is I've reduced you to 2. UKToecutter, you've been reduced to 2 also. Again, argue otherwise if you really need 4. We're trying to make these available to as many as possible.
2/11/12 - Ok, check the count image. 29 boards are allocated, 1 left. Boards are set to arrive on Monday, so I expect we'll close this out during the weekend. Before EOD Sunday, I'll post payment and shipping costs.
2/11/12 - OK all DONE! We're going with the attached count list. I'll post payment info tomorrow.
2/12/12 - I'll be sending all paypal account requests today. As a reminder, I'll only accept instant (non-CC) paypal payments for board cost + shippingPlease assure your registered/confirmed PayPal address is complete & correct (especially non-US payers - must have your complete address, formatted as it should appear on the shipping label - let me know any corrections in your reply).
Shipping costs will be $8 domestic & $10 international. Rounding up, it'll cover shipping plus a small cup of coffee :-). For multiple board purchasers, a single shipping cost will cover it. I'll be relying on paypal's batch shipping, so again - insure that your confirmed address is correct. I'll be shipping in batches, so first paid first shipped.
2/13/12 - Thanks for the prompt response on invoicing/payment! I've updated the count image to indicate those that have paid, invoiced and otherwise. PCB's are on the truck for delivery today, so I hope to start shipping these out tomorrow or Wed. Board are here! Let's get all those payments in!
2/14/12 - Count image is updated, almost all paid up. These will go out in batches starting today. Should be able to get everything out by EOD tomorrow. Boards are good - same as last GB :-) I have a few stragglers. I'll repost any available boards by EOD tomorrow.
2/16/12 - First batch of boards shipped. Many of you (US) may be seeing them land in the next day or so. Please let me know with they arrive. I'll work on the second batch tonight, for shipping tomorrow. Looks like we may have a couple of extra boards available :-)
2/18/12 - Count image updated to current status. Most have shipped, the balance will go out on Monday. Thanks for your patience. I will have additional board, so if you where in interested and missed this, now's the time to chime in. Give me till Monday to give you a total available. 1 board per individual.
2/20/12 - OK. Everything was ready to go the PO this morning but didn't (holiday and all), but will go out first thing tomorrow. The dust have settled, and we have 4 more boards available. So one board per person - start chiming in.
2/21/12 - Everyone's package has shipped! Thanks for your patience. 4 Boards are still available - let me know of you're interested.
2/23/12 - All boards are sold and shipped. This GB is officially closed.

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MisterRogers - I'm very sure that I'm in for 2 of these boards. Let me know when you are ready to start processing payments. Thanks so much for doing this!

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I'll take two.  If you get stuck with some, I'll take another two as well.





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Hi Mr. Rogers. Sing me up for two, please.


Thank you very much!!!




Mouser already has the LM2595

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I shall take one board!


Thank you for running this GB!!! Much appreciated! biggrin.gif

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I would like to have four(4) three(3) boards please, if I cannot have more.

Some of my friends in Taiwan would like to have one. 


Thank you

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I'll take one please! Thanks for running this. 

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I'll take two more boards, if possible. I ordered two from the previous group-buy, but know two friends that wish to build one as well. 


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I'll take 1 please. Thanks for organizing this!

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I'll take 4 please.  Thanks !

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Hi Misterrogers. 

I'll take 1, please.  <= Update


I am planed to build 2 systems。 But, I am understand order rule。

Updated my order qty.。


Thank you very much!!!

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Put me down for 2 please.

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Since this may have slipped by some long-standing DIYers, depending on the replies here over the next few days maybe we/Mike will back the max down to 3 PCBs per person across the board.  

That would free up a few for those that are coming late (looks like there are only 2 available now).  It's sorta guess-work as to what is most fair to do in these cases:)

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I'm in for 2.
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Left PM, I'll take one.

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