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Anyone aware if there are variations in iterations of the 900ST ?


There are some 900ST for sale with crease on the earpads, like the picture below. Are these the same as the earlier versions without crease ?



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I just got a pair of these today after shipping from Japan via Rakuten (during last week's international shipping promotion). For what my inexperienced opinion is worth, these are definitely neutral-sounding, analytical headphones. Compared to my only other pair of headphones (the KSC 75s), these are a different beast altogether.

One thing I do notice is that the piano accompaniments to violin pieces can be a little too strong at times. It also seems like I can hear the performer's movements during rests ( a bit of a rustling sound). On another note, this pair is VERY discriminating on quality of recordings.

Female voices are probably the highlight of these cans though. I'm not sure what it is, might be the detail of the mids.

@Greeni: my pair came with the creased pads.
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the CD900 is among the best Hi-Fi headphones on the market IMO.  I need to get a spare before Sony stops making them. :)

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Because they are hard to find and close to impossible to ship it in India.

After my v6 broke I am without a Sony headphone with the "For Digital" sticker god when can I get a this or the 7506.

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Just found this while surfing the net.

Professionally-customised MDR CD-900ST headphones tongue.gif


Detachable cable, 3.5mm plug, CCAW coil, foldable etc (saves personal modding efforts!)
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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

the CD900 is among the best Hi-Fi headphones on the market IMO.  I need to get a spare before Sony stops making them. :)

Sony will never stop making them since it is their most relliable and the only monitor headphones in their Sony music Entertaintment Japan (SMEJ) and Sony Music Comunications Inc.(SMCI). The Sony MDR-CD900ST or the Sony MDR-900ST is like FitEar CIEM, actually these headphones is for sale in Japanese market only specially to the recording company and music comunication company (that plain white box is the proof that it is not for sale in general public). You can access the website of SMEJ, if you guys interested of what main current equipment of the SMEJ Studios in Japan, http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/ . And of course the website of the Sony MDR-CD900ST via SMCI, http://www.smci.jp/headphones/cd900st/index.html


P.S: its not rare, instead its limited 

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Headfonia once compared these cans with SRH840 before:

Just curious, who has had experience with both before?
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Me :)


The CD900st is much more transparent and timbraly honest to my ears. Granted, it may not posses the cleanest transient response given today's monitors (namely the DT1350 which i own also), however, It's able to walk the thin line between flat/neutral and natural/dynamic with great finnese whereas the SRH840 was squarely in the former side, with less the control on the (mid)bass and a narrow staging. It was hooked to Stello DA100/HP100 combo at the time so upstream gear was not limiting it's performance. I'm able to enjoy the CD900st very much even staright out of my aging laptop, no to mention it's improves nicely with a proper rig.


I find the Headfonia impressions to be very far from my own experience, notably the "analytical and sterile sound" remark. Frankly, after reading what he (mike) wrote on his K1000 assessment i find his opinion to be of very little use, if any.

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Speaking of proper rigs with the CD900ST, I've been looking at the Little Dot I+ as a possible amp.


Within that price range ie <$250, what's the best amp for this pair of cans?


I'm probably going to steer clear of cold-sounding amps, the CD900ST+the ELE DAC I'm currently using seem quite analytical enough already.

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Well i pair it with an Objective2 and i think it's a great pairing. To me ears, the slight bloom in the mids and the calm treble need a clean and direct sounding amping. I definetly woudn't want a OTL tube amp in this case, It'll just make 'em sound too soft and will mess with the bass response. I'd try a Schiit Asgard or a Matrix M-stage, FWIR they noth seem to be slightly warm but still quite linear and dynamic.

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I've owned a pair of CD900ST for about 9 years now.  There was a time I did a comparison with the V6, and while both sound similar, the CD900ST produces a slightly more flatter / sterile sound vs the V6/7506.  On physical inspection, the pads are different as well--the CD900ST has slightly thinner pads so your ears are closer to the coils while the V6/7506 have much thicker padding and have a bit more coloration.

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Hi All,


I just got back from a trip to Tokyo and came home with the MDR-CD900ST.  My current home rig consist of running my headphones straight out of a Dragonfly.  I also own a MDR-v900HD and straight away I can say that I vastly prefer the presentation of the CD900ST.  The mids of the CD900ST are more forward and ultra detailed, and the bass had presence without making the mids feel muddy.  The highs were much more bearable compared to the (now) shrill of the v900HD.  The v900HD (which I understand is almost identical to the 7509HD) feels like its lacking the bottom end in comparison.  Thanks all for the info provided here, am a happy CD900ST convert :)

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How's the bass response?

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Hello can someone pleeez tell me any thoughts on these conpared to the mdr-7520 ..
I am a mids guy as I have all woodie cans but miss my sony v6 & 1r form factor but they just didn't cut it in sound...
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I'm pretty new to the forums and i was thinking to get the cd900st when i go back to Japan. i was wondering what would be the recommended way to input the headphones as they come with a 6.3mm jack. Would you recommend using a 6.3 to 3.5mm converter?

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