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Originally Posted by Dyaems View Post

nope. i only tried pricejapan and tenso


yeah saw that tenso works with that site 2. how does it work ? will it be cheap ? or should i buy from ebay instead ? its 280usd on ebay inc shipping

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i bought my first pair at around 240usd so i guess 280 is OK. although have it quoted by tenso or pricejapan first because i think they are cheaper, i think ebay doesnt offer warranty on what they are selling

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if i buy the mdr cd900 from an independent seller on amazon, in this case the seller would be in japan, does amazon bear any responsibility if the headphone turns out to be a fake?  what exactly is their policy?  (just read amazon's policy on third party sellers; they want you to think they're taking responsibility, though reading between the lines seems like the customer will have to do summer salts through fiery hoops to prove they been wronged by a third party seller and still may never receive compensatiion..........

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AFAIK there is no fake cd900STs, only two versions of it and still made in japan, but maybe only physical differences. the older production (1989?) has black screws and a black and engraved(?) "made in japan" where the usual place of manufacture is located on the headphones. the newer productions only has a "made in japan" sticker and with silver screws.


as for the sound, they are both the same. in japan, other sellers there replace the stock headband with a sony v6 headband so that it would be foldable. japan has alot of spare parts for sony studio monitors. you can even build a cd900st using the cd900st's spare parts but it will cost you more than 300usd haha... yeah, the screws are even available!


sorry cant explain it better =(

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is this mids better than hd650 or hd598? just wondering how the SQ are one these
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Originally Posted by oopeteroo View Post

is this mids better than hd650 or hd598? just wondering how the SQ are one these

Can't say for the hd650, my impression is that you will get a thicker mid with these, but not better tone.


My preference goes to the CD900ST over Hd598.


Contrary to the experience of some others, I found the Beyerdynamic DT250 pads is essential in my case. The original pads are too thin and collapse the soundstage and reduce separation somewhat. It is true that the DT 250 pads will make for a thinner sound though. Note that the new pads will compress a little overtime so that the initial thinning issue will be lessen eventually.


If not want to buy all the way from Japan, one that I found to be very good is the Ultimate Ears UE6000. My initial impression is that the UE share a great tone, high resolution together with the 900ST while being more agile and dynamic. That is not to say that they sound the same, but they are at equivalent level of performance.

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i just got my cd900st ^^ and the mids is great, but still i think i will prefer hd598, maybe i prefer open cans.


btw will Beyerdynamic DT250 do wonders ? will it change the sound ?


find cd900st kinda piercing to my ears =/

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As far as the primary bandwidth, these easily sound more natural/realistic for acoustic non-amplified music than most any headphone regardless of price. These also do not suffer any 'closed' headphone signature issue. But the treble as I like to point out is reduced in output compared to neutral and this will bother a lot of people. Also, most people don't have a clue what natural/realistic even sounds like...... so that feature is a non-issue to them even if they claim otherwise most of the time.


I was actually getting ready to purchase Stax Omega II when I came across these.... and just could not see my need for the Stax after trying these. But the Omega has a little better treble response and the 'headstage' is much more expanded on the Stax. But I am a speaker guy, and I have never cared about 'headstage' on a headphone, as NO headphone comes remotely close to a top performing class loudspeaker and properly treated listening room - so I just care about resolution and tonal balance in a headphone. I only use headphones in a portable capacity and I was figuring out a way to rig up a portable kit for the Omegas... and when you figure in the practicality and close SQ of the CD900ST.......I'm sure that just about anyone could see why I ended up preferring the CD900ST for my particular uses. But even considering all of this... the treble still bothers me a little on the CD900ST. Also, as I pointed out, the CD900ST's strong points are on non-amplified acoustic / vocals/ etc.. I prefer a MDR-CD3000 (different tonal response with custom leather earpads made different from OEM type) for electronic and pop music to any other headphone. I have been to a lot of DC area meets to compare/try headphones with as careful a controlled method as I could in those situations(always used same reference base headphone and sound tracks to compare notes to any headphone I tried so at least some relevance could be obtained - as opposed to just listening to different headphones with no methodology at all like most) and the above are my conclusions as of this point.

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OH... as far as the earpad issue goes: Beyer pads or stock 7506/V6 pads may fit, but they are far too thick. They will entirely remove the SQ of the midrange on the CD900ST. It is possible to flatten the V6/7506 pads to work on the CD900ST by boiling them in a flat pan and applying a heavy weight to them for a minute or so, then removing them and drying them between thick towels with heavy weight upon them until they dry. You might have to repeat the process. But they can be flattened appropriately.

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sir,i do really want to know what is the performance of instruments on this headphone? i am a big fan of classical music,is that the cd900st is suitable for this kind of music?

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Bump for an interesting questionpopcorn.gif

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Originally Posted by Peterlovemusic View Post

sir,i do really want to know what is the performance of instruments on this headphone? i am a big fan of classical music,is that the cd900st is suitable for this kind of music?


what kind of classical music? maybe the cd900st will lack in "space" for classical music.

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Personally I was thinking chamber and piano/strings solo

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not sure with chamber but they may sound decent for it, but if youre looking for soundstage, this might not be the headphone haha..


they sound great with piano/strings solo, i usually listen to piano solo for the cd900st

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