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For Sale: Sony MDR-F1, Excellent condition

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For Sale:
Sony MDR-F1, Excellent condition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Sony MDR-F1 in Excellent condition, all fabric parts are in great condition and clean. No packages. The F1 is built in very high quality with all metal constructure, sounds great with very large head stage. ask for price shipped in US, paypal as gift or add 3%.

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I've never heard of these. Looks like Sony's version of a K1000 or something.

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It is a discontinued model, I think these are HD800 ancestor or baby K1000. :-) 

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I'm possibly interested in these. PM me and we can discuss.
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I've always wanted to try these. ARGH.
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Interesting headphones. Never saw them before...

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I'm a happy owner, They have a beutifull tonality and very nicely transparent out-of-head imaging. easily worth the asking price IMO.

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Agreed. They're 100% alluminium. Very light, barely noticable on your head.
Sound laid back, with soundstage in front of you. Not to deep, but does't wrap around your head as much as other headphones. It's less tiresome that way. More suited for music, less for gaming.
Airy, neutral but with nice, big and little armature style bass. They're a little less revealing than, say HD600. Normally the bass can be a little weak, but I have it pumped with a dark source and it works perfectly.

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If I get that "dark source", I keep these! 

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Haha, you don't want it. It's a very bad quality integrated soundcard :D

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So, you suggest these babies synergize with very bad quality integrated soundcards mad.gif






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nah, warming them anymore than they already are is just wrong IMO, the right way to get more goodness out of these is to remove the compansator resistors.


That really helps woth extention and clears the mids quite a bit more.

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Are these still for sale? :)

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