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For Sale: IE80 w/Silver Cable (Modded)

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For Sale:
IE80 w/Silver Cable (Modded)

Will Ship To: Conus

Bought Locally from RazorDogDeals (Authorized Dealer).  I was curious enough to purchase and satiate.  That said, I'm definitely moving onto customs.  Along with the headphones are 4 pairs of (M) UE Silicone tips and, 4 Pairs of (L) UE Silicone tips, and a Silver Galaxy cable from Zero on Ebay.  I used up all the original seals trying to find a good fit and ended up finding that the UE's granted the optimized seal.  Paid $500 for everything, yours for $300 + shipping + 4% paypal fees. Please have verified paypal and feedback.  "Zero" posters will be ignored.  Not looking for trades.  Thanks for looking.


*Note* The Silver Galaxy Cable comes off rather easily, so I used a gel adhesive to attach the plastic shroud surrounding the connectors on the cable to the plastic housing surrounding the connector sockets on the iems.  A somewhat permanent solution but you can, if you want a different cable, cut around the shielding and separate as normal.

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*Price Drop*

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Back On Sale

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willing to trade with unused monster turbine pro coppers?

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Really looking for a pair of FX-700's.

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YGPM with trade offer for a pair of pristine FX700s.  Cheers!

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Still for Sale.

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*Final Price Drop*

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