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For about a month ago i got a pair of very cheap wireless 30$ bluetooth headphones i have fallen in love the last month.
Great batterylife (I 

Though they are very ugly and i have bought a acrylic primer so i can draw with acrylic on them.

I think i'm about to buy new speakers though and i need to have some input.
I have some skills with audio before, though new to good quality stuff that is needed for headphones.
Have built a pair of big boomboxes a year ago that was of great use of outside parties (That we have alot because i'm only 16 :P)


I have been looking on europe audios website and on ebay, found 2 speakers that should work

It needs to be 1.8 inches / 35mm to fit.

I could also make the hole for the speakers bigger ofcourse.
I want to buy new speakers because i want those lower fequencies.
Right now you can feel the vibration a little from the music when using my bass boost and equilizer on my CM7 android phone.

Feels so good when the bass is tickling on your ears! :P




These are the ones i've been watching


This one is too expensive i think, but good as a example.


This one doesn't have any specs, so will not buy them neither, but good as a example


I have no idea what the stock specs are on my current china headphones, so that's a problem too.

I would guess they're 32 Ohms as every other cheap headphones.

The stuff i need help with from you guys that i dont have a clue about, how high is the sensitivity normally on a pair of cheap headphones?


I'm also thinking of adding some sound isolation inside the headphones so it gives a smoother resonance.
Do you guys think it will work? Because it's electronics inside there so feels a little risky
Though it's just 30$, but when i have painted them it will feel sad to ruin them