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For Sale: Fostex T20 v1

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For Sale:
Fostex T20 v1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling a pair of slightly modded Fostex T20 v1.


They are in good condition and pads have plenty of life left in them.


The only fault is that the rim of the right driver housing has a crack which has been repaired with glue. Though a bit messy-looking, the repair job is effective: the rim is rigid and serves its purpose of holding the pad in place.


Please refer to the pictures. They tell the story.


As far as I can tell, these headphones perform as they should sonically.


Price includes paypal and world-wide shipping.


Australian buyers: $40 all-inclusive.





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Hi! Is the crack as bad as it looks like? I offer 40 euros for the headphones shipped to Finland. That would be about 50 AUD. I don't want to cross the tax limit which is around 44 euros. 

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FYI, as long as the glue is creating an airtight seal in/on that crack, it shoudn't have any sonic effects.  That's more commonly referred to as the baffle, not the driver housing, where a crack would be more problematic I think. 


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