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Getting rid of beats

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So I got caught up in the beats craze, even though I knew better, and have had my solos for a while.

But now I'm sick of 'em. I convinced my friend to get m50s and just listening to them and then my solos showed me what I'm missing. I'm ready to actually get my money's worth.

Im looking for closed cans in the $100-200 range that dont need to be amped and that are sturdy enough for me to take with me most places. I listen to a lot of rather mainstream hip hop and rap but I'm also a huge fan of artists like smashin pumpkins, arctic monkeys, the clash, sublime, to name a few. I'm also a pretty major basshead. On top of all this I'd like headphones with a nice style (that's the main reason I bought the beats) as I am still in high school and care about that kinda stuff. redface.gif

So can someone reccomend me my dream headphones? Or is this too tall an order?

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Check out the V-Moda M80's http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005HSDLCO/ref=asc_df_B005HSDLCO1879851?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395093&creativeASIN=B005HSDLCO

or the V-Moda Crossfade LP http://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-Crossfade-Over-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphone/dp/B003BYRGJU/ref=pd_vtp_e_4

They seem to fit your requirements. Looks great, sounds great, in your price range and very durable.

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You may want to look into the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II (the Adidas version is more stylish) or the AIAIAI TMA-1.

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The name of the company is actually AIAIAI?

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Get the ATH-M50... they are really easy to drive, they sound great with just my computer speakers...

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Yep, AIAIAI. They're Danish.

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HFI-580. They are cheep ($118)  on amazon right now too. =]

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