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Where to?

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So I've been using and really enjoying my current setup (E7/E9 -> M50/DT880 600 OHM) for a while now, but I feel the need to move up. I have a variety of ideas, but I'm looking for some advice on both what options to go with AND which piece to upgrade first. I enjoy most types of music, but prefer highly detailed, clear reproduction. Current thoughts for headphone upgrades are HD600/650, K701 (I've heard and really like the 701, but is it an upgrade or side-grade?), D5000, and HE-400. Amp wise the only things I've really thought about are the Schiit Asgard (with the E7 as DAC until I can afford the BiFrost) or a Little DoT MK-something.


So, fellow head-fiers, what might you suggest for the best first step to be?


Thanks friends!

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I have the DT880 and K702, two headphones I like a lot.


And I feel that moving from one to the other would be a "side grade" as you put it,

rather than an upgrade.  The K702 does some things better than the DT880 and




As for an upgrade - first thing I'd want to know is what your source material is.

FLAC files on a PC with a sound card?  192K files?  CD's?  Vinyl?

A mix?



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All music is in FLAC through Foobar to the E7/E9. Sorry, should've mentioned that.

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le bump


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