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Headphones under $40?

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I am looking to buy a decent pair of headphones under $40. I was going to buy the Sennheiser 201 or 202s but after browsing the site I realized that there are some better sets available such as the Superflux 681. I will be using the headphones with my computer and out of my house with my iPod Touch and my phone (for a few hours during Track Meets) so they should be portable. I'm open to all suggestions. These will be my first pair and I can't pay more than $40. I don't necessarily need something amazing considering that I have used Apple earphones forever. Sorry if I messed the post up or something since I'm pretty new to the site (and to headphones overall). Thanks!

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I just got the Sennheiser HD 201's last month and to be honest, I'm really liking them. The 202's are a bassier version, but for ~$25 bucks, the 201's are really nice, in my opinion atleast. I would definitely recommend them.


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Panasonic RP-HTF600-S. You will not regret it.

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The red Akg k518LE is on amazon for $40, and I like the way they sound and look. The Koss ksc-75s also sound AMAZING for the price. Good luck!

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As an owner of both the HD 201 and the HD 681, I can say that the HD 681 is better, but it's not for everyone as it has really sharp highs out of the box(it does get better after time) and is not portable. The 201 does sound nice but lacks in volume and bass. 

Having also tried the RP-HTF600-S, it may be the safest bet for you as it has a likeable sound signature(my opinion though).


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I got the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S from Amazon and was quite excited, but, now, I'm worried that they may not work with my iPod considering that they have an impedance of 56 ohms.

Edit: Work fine with an iPod.

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