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For Sale or Trade: [SOLD] Rudistor RPX33 EV08 (230 V)

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For Sale or Trade:
[SOLD] Rudistor RPX33 EV08 (230 V)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm the second owner and the former one left some minor cosmetic issues that doesn't affect the sound. 

One of the little screws on the top was replaced for a torx type one and the fit is not perfect. The big screw at the bottom center sometimes gets loose (when carrying or placing the unit).

Otherwise, crappy rubber feet have been replaced with quality isolation feet, attached properly and solid to the base. You can use them without the spikes since they have height enough to stand but I strongly recomend the use of the spikes and the table feet.


Original photos are high resolution and you're welcome to ask them if you need more details.


Price is [SOLD] with worldwide shipping and paypal fees included. 

Bank transfer is also accepted and prefereable.


Better than selling I'm interested in trading it.

Mainly with a Sennheiser HD800 since my ASL Lorelei is finally under reparation.

I might also consider WA2 and Decware CSP2+, nice OTL to pair with my T1.

Trading will be limited into the European Comunity, since extra custom fees make international trades not worth it.



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