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T1s or wait?

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Just sold my HD600s after hearing a friend's T1s. Loved them in so many ways. I also much preferred a mate's LCD-2s but couldn't live with the ergos. 


Is now a smart to buy a new set of T1s though? With the new Hifi man stuff coming out amongst others, just not sure if the Beyers are going to be old news soon. Are Beyer working on a replacement anytime soon I wonder? 


I'm tending towards just getting some as I like the sound and that's the main thing, just don't want to regret the purchase in a few months! 

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No, I think T1 will stay as the flagship of Beyer for quite a long time.

After all, DT990 & DT880 had been their flagship for over more than ten years :).

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^^Yup, I highly doubt that we are gonna see a new flagship from Beyer soon. They'll probably follow Sennheiser and launch an in between model like the HD-700, probably called the T80? 

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This is reassuring - cheers guys. 

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It take's six muscles to control the movement of the eye.

Maybe we need six angled T1 drivers to have the best soundstage.

Looking forward to a 6 x 1295$  /  7770$ headphone.


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