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For Sale or Trade: Sunrise AS-Charm Earbuds

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For Sale or Trade:
Sunrise AS-Charm Earbuds

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Brand New Pair of Sunrise AS Charm Earbuds. 


Taken out of the Box for 1hr of testing and right back in they went.


Warranty is in my name. But still honored as long as you have the Warranty card included in the box.


Free Shipping within the USA.



Paypal verified, 10 year/ 100% Excellent feedback on Ebay.


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Just have a quick question not related to the sale but your view on the earbuds.


Why are you selling them, and is it really that bad?

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They are very similar to the PK1s, they do require an amp and some have said they have a like sound sig to Grado headphones.  Personally for me I prefer a more color full punchy sound, these headphones are more transparent and with a darker sound.   

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