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** Hisoundaudios NEW Wooden IEMS The Popo and Hiphone-4 **

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Hisoundaudio recently released two new IEMS recently named The Popo and

The Hiphone-4.  Both are excellent buds that I am happy to admit I actually want to keep.





The Popo, not to be confused with this Popo....




...is a budget IEM that costs around $50US and brandishes some very nice specs.   


  • Type: Dynamic, In-Ear
  • Size of driver: 9mm
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110db
  • Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level): 127db(1khz, 1 Vrms)
  • Frequency response: 20-21khz
  • Earphone jack: 3.5mm
  • Cable length: 126cm

All in all, it is an excellent value and one of the best, if not the best sub $100 earbud I have ever heard.  It has a very nice coloration to it, this is by no means a reference sound type, far from neutral.  Both models from Hisoundaudio are geared for rocking out and justly so.  They are indeed very well colored and suited for rock music.  The Popo brandishes as more forward sound with a boxed-like sound stage, highly engaging in every way. Very good bass quantity and surprisingly also very good quality.  A rare paring in the sub $100 category.  It reaches deep and is extremely satisfying, housing much more bass than my Custom Livewires ( $250 ) which always leave me unhappy in regards to the lows.  Highs have some bite but are not harsh and the overall mid experience is pretty good.  The designers succeeded in attempting to fashion an IEM that sounds airy with good separation.  For $60 this is an overall 10/10 buy.  The wooden housing provide a Grado like experience with significantly more bass.  If you like the Sr60/80/225i, you will love these earbuds.  Excellent quality all around.  It seems the company who makes this gear is dead set on producing excellent sound staging in all of their products.  So far, they have succeeded.   The Popo has excellent soundstaging for earbuds of any price tag, yet for $60 this just ups their overall value.  Good height, good width, good depth, good separation.  I have no complaints what so ever.  





The Hiphone-4 is a different beast all together at $29.  Despite not having wooden housings, they sound much better than sets I've recently come to love like the Dunu Hawkeye and Crater.  Both excellent earbuds that fall very short compared to the Hisound-4.  


-9mm Driver

-16 ohm

- Sensitivity: 110DB

-SPL: 127db ( 1khz-1Vrms )

-Max input power: 200mW

-Frequency Response 16-23khz

-126cm Cable Length


( Hiphone-4 shown to the right to its little brother and the RoccoD )




 I really do not have experience in IEMs beyond the Monster Turbine, lets say $350+.  My experience ends there.  I really thought the bass would distort heavily on anything off the Tron OST but I was very wrong, it plowed through like a Trooper.  It has good thump and kick, kind of like someone poking you in the ear when there are instances of very low bass notes or snare drum type sounds ( in a good way haha! ) Very satisfying, highly engaging lows that not only hit just right but reach really deep.  Yes, this set has more bass than the Hifiman HE-500 full set orthos.  



The mids on both sets are wonderful, lively and open.  Highs are smooth and accurate with a hint of brightness which make it not only fun and highly engaging, but also tonally acceptable minus any harshness.  I may be asking way too much of them due to the sets great lows and mids, but the highs are just a bit grainy.  This could be caused by listening to my He-500 too long and my ears simply not wanting to accept how awesome the highs are on the He-500 orthos, this set will make 99% of everything in existence sound grainy.  So, right now I think I am being unfair to the Hiphone, they are very good but not the best in its class or at all amazing.  Just good is as far as I will go.


The sound type is a smidgen less colored than its little brother which seems brighter in the mids and highs to my ears where as the Hiphone 4 is smoother and less harsh.  It is not as forward, audibly more distant but still well within the realm of highly engaging.  The stage is wider than tall but still very large in every aspect.  (Due to it being a bit more distant than its little brother, I suppose ).  Separation and sound depth are also very good and a step up from the Popo.  I am not at all sure of what price point this model is going to be sold at but I am extremely happy I was given the chance to hear them both. Overall one of the best IEMs I've ever used, I have not one complaint about either models sound qualities...not 1.  Both are excellent.( if anyone knows me who is reading this, they should already be aware that I care more about soundstaging than anything else.  Both of these sets deliver. ) 


Important to know:  I forget to even use a proper amplifier when testing them out today.  All listening had been done via just my Fiio E10 or just the Rocco P player ( also a Hisound piece.  All pieces will be burned in further before anything is said.  I am one happy little cheater right now.  GREAT JOB Hisound.  WOW! * high five *




The Rocco P player is one hell of a little thing.  It is about the size of the newer Sansa Fuze and my god does it sound great.  This isn't the Higher tier model, its the base model and it is definitely J3 competition.  It does not have custom EQ and the best preset for it would be the "natural" setting.  Open, spacious, powerful, punchy, well colored.  The UI is REALLY CLUNKY but works.  Takes some getting used to and takes forever ( about 2-3 minutes for it to detect and scan my 32gb micro sd card, which is very annoying but once it actually starts up, I've no sound quality complaints what so ever.   Perfect Size dap. )


( snap shot of the back side )



Hisound also released the PAA-1 Pro earbuds which are also EXCELLENT, a review will be posted in my Earbud guide soon ).  

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I wonder if you have tag issues on your files for it to take such a long time to load? My 32GB card filed with Flac files only takes a few seconds to load on my Studio V. I noticed V3.2 tags were causing issues on my Studio V and it wouldn't play those files.

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