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Headphone Help

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Hi guys, I've posted here a couple times and had my mind set on Ath ad700 however there doesn't seem to be a good price around and I've reconsidered my needs for gaming and music. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a set of headphones that work well for games such as Call of Duty(for footsteps and explosions) Portal, LA Noire, Crysis, and Left for dead etc. however I would also like them to be a good choice for listening to music (Rock and Clasic Rock) band such as Tom Petty Led Zeppelin, aerosmith, U2, supertramp, metallica, rolling stones, and especially pink floyd. the price would be around 75- 125$ maybe a bit higher. And the ratio would be 60% music 30% games and 10% percent movies. It would be awesome if you guys could help me out thanks.smile.gif
I am open to anything so please reply away smile.gif Also for the games not necessarily for footsteps but explosions as Cod is getting old now

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The ATH-AD700 is the easy pick here (by reputation); unfortunately for you I've never heard them, so I can't agree or disagree with them as a choice. Everything I would suggest to you for gaming will blow your budget apart.


Not sure how they're not in your budget though:



Might also consider the Creative Aurvanas/Denon D1000s - should have more low-end impact, fairly comfy, around $70 if memory serves.




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I watched a lot of reviews this morning and I found a headphone that interests me a lot to be the Ultrasone HFI-680. Any Opinions on those?

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Never heard of 'em. Looks like the HFI-780 in pictures. From my experience with Ultrasone headphones, it will be nothing like the ATH-AD700. At all. Lots more bass, less mids, hard to say if you'll "get" S-LOGIC or not (I've read reports that some people don't experience it pleasantly; I think it works). 



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From what I can see they are a lower end model of the 780s however from reviews it seems that they have less bass and more controlled mids. Also what Ultrasone headphones have you tried? I read some review that they have enough bass and other say too much. Would these (or the 780s) have too much bass for the music I listen too? (See above)

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The AD700 is probably about as good it gets for gaming in your price range, and even a bit above.

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The AD700 is a phenomenal gaming headphone, but I find that it severely lacks for music. Consider the Sennheiser HD555/595/558/598 which are all great for gaming and IMO much more versatile and convincing as a music headphone. I'm sure that the Ultrasones are fine for music, but they are definitely inferior for gaming in comparison to the previously listed.

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As to my previous post I said that I don't want headphones for gaming that are only for footsteps. I want them for explosions and just all around games like the ones I listed


So to help you help me. I will rewrite what I am interested in so you can get a better idea.


Music 60% of the time will be rock and Classic rock genres. For example: Very much so Pink Floyd, Bob Seger, U2, Elton john, Kansas, Some Metallica, Simon and Garfunkel,Led Zeppelin, The Doors,Neil Young, Supertramp,Scorpions,Tom Petty, CCR, ELO, Guns N' Roses, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bod Dylan, The Who, Aerosmith. etc.


Games 30% Call of Duty(for footsteps and explosions, but mostly explosions) I do play Cod somewhat often but footsteps are not extremely important to me. Portal, LA Noire, Crysis,Left for dead, Minecraft, Hitman, Dirt 3, GTA IV etc.


Movies 10% would be Action, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, and Comedy


Other times would just be for Youtube etc.


Thank You guys so much for your helpful posts.


Also if anyone knows the difference in between Ultrasone 680 and 780 that would be great if you could help me out.


As this is my first ever headphone purchase.

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Once again, I would say that the HD55x/59x are one of the best choices for doing all that you have listed. Terrific sound stage for movies and gaming. These may not have skull-crushing bass, but they are not bass anemic/absent like the AD700. Explosions sound surprisingly 3-dimensional. They also work well with a lot of the music you listed, much of which I also listen to. The Ultrasones are nice cans and excel in some areas, but they are not particularly versatile either. They will not do movies, gaming, and the diverse rock types that you listed as consistently as the Sennheisers will (at your price point). Of course my recommendation is for a general all-in-one can.

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Sounds good! Any other recommendations?


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Well if you're that concerned about the explosions and rumbling, the Senns would probably please you a little more than the AD700. However, the difference wouldn't be substantial. If you sprung a little higher for the Denon D2000 on the other hand...



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No.. those look good but are out of my price range :( Anything else?

Also worthy to note that I can get the  Ultrasone 680 for around 144$ and the 780 for a few dollars more.

Hd 558 is 180$

hd 598 is over 250$ way out of range


I don't wanna spend a ton just want to find a deal under 150$

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I haven't heard the 780s; I've heard the HFI-2400 and a few of the PRO models. They all had far too much bass for my taste. Fit and finish is consistently excellent. Although, I did find the HFI-2400 to have a fairly good soundstage, might not be a bad pick for gaming or other use. It might be worth a shot; around $200. Fairly comfortable, well put together, will get your explosions going. A more conservative choice would be the HD 555/595/598 (The 598 will go on sale eventually for $175, just like the 595's used to do constantly). Alternately you might try the ATs. I don't like that much bass in my presentation, so take that in mind compared to many people's responses (who are telling you there isn't "enough" bass). 


The Denon D2000s I would rank below any of the mentioned Sennheiser models for gaming; they are not as good with soundstaging. Too much time between them and the HFI-2400 for me to comment there, but again, I think the 2400 had a good soundstage (I "get" S-LOGIC, I just don't like the bass quantity). The 595 is superior in that regard, so I assume the 598 will be as well. 


There's also the ATH-M50 that we could all suggest you. tongue_smile.gif




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Thanks obobskivich, I guess 558's are what i'll be looking into or waiting for a deal on 598's. They seem to be a good all-rounder headphone, and that should be good for me for my first purchase.


Thanks all of you!


Please feel free to add any more opinions if you have any :)

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