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After Sansa Clip +, what now?

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Hello all!


I've been wanting to upgrade my current DAP to something that can provide more power to drive my IEMs so that I can get a fuller sound!


Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm already noted the existence of the following DAPs which are potential upgrades:


1. Cowon J3

2. Sony Z series

3. Galaxy Android Players

4. Sansa Fuze +


My requirements are:


1. Android/ Rockboxable

2.High output power

3. Clean sound of the same or (preferably) higher quality than the Sansa Clip +

4. Microsd slot/ Large capacity


I'm still a student so my budget is not exactly plentiful...... Does anyone have any other suggestions towards the DAP I can use or should I go for an amp instead?


Thanks in Advance! (:

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For FM radio listening, the Sansa Clip Zip floor me with its FM reception quality. Much better than my expensive AVR.


I have tried with and without extra help of the Fiio E6. The Sansa amp section is loud enough to drive the Senn HD280 to deafen level. For more bass, I use the JVC hrax 700.


Budget gadget for those who love FM radio, Sansa clip zip is the way to go. Get yourself a full size can like Sony V6 or the Senn HD 280 and prepare for some ear blasting with quality from nearby FM stations.

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What IEMs are you using?  I'm astonished the Clip+ isn't loud enough.

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I personally use an SM3v2. Actually, I have no complaints about the volume. I think that the ipod touch provides more separation, power and detail...... and the sansa clip + doesn't.

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the j3 gets universal praise. great sound and 60+hrs of music.

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