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Ok, I think I will wait for the 15.32 to get stocked and then order one of those unless anyone speaks up. 
Would just getting an amp and connecting via headphone jack be better bang for the buck though, if I have a Sb Z with DAC interally anyways? 
What bonuses/improvements would I be getting with the DAC/amp combo?  (only being used for gaming, music through cans and Bose stereo speakers)
Just trying to put all options into perspective while getting the best performance for the price. If the amp through headphone jack would still be great, the Magni looks like a pretty good option at only $100 while maintaining good RMS through the lower impedances, and I don't plan on owning 600ohm headphones in the near future. Heard a lot of great things about it too. 
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I've heard a lot of good things about the Magni too. Good thing is, you can get the Magni and use it for a while, since SS stuff doesn't burn out you could probably resell it easily at little loss on the forum, once you've been a member for long enough. There's always new folks looking to get started.

Did you decide SB Z or SB Omni? My next computer's gonna be an iMac (unless I give into the expensive temptation of that shiny shiny smoked aluminum Mac Pro), so I'm going to need an external solution. I may be still able to return the SB Z I just got near the end of December, but I might put it up on the For Sale forum if I am outside the return window.
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So If I chose the Magni for instance, how would the connections be? A left/right cable into a single jack, plugging into the sound cards headphone output, then the headphones just plug into the Magni?


What bonuses/improvements would I be getting with the DAC/amp(eg. Audio GD NFB 15.32) connected through optical over just a Magni through headphone jack?


I'm definitely going to be purchasing the SB Z for the sound card as I need a new card and this one looks like it has all the features I want.

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My eyes!!!


1. Yes you are correct.


2. The DAC on the 15.32 is superior compared to the SBZ's DAC. This will give you better detail resolution: namely, everything will be that bit more clearer. The amp section will be helping too, and in the 15.32 it was designed specifically around it's DAC. You're also guaranteed to have zero background noise (although my SBZ didn't exhibit this).


If you go for the Magni or the 15.32 you won't be disappointed in games and music. The preferred "no problems whatsoever option" would be to go optical > Audio_GD if you can stretch it. My advice is to get your SBZ and headphones and see how you get on. If your phones feel lacking, then go for either of the amps.


Also if you are using AKG's you'd want a 15.32 Wolfson: it's been often pointed out that a slightly warmer (and perhaps musical) amp is the preferred choice with these headphones, ie the very qualities of the Audio_gd. The Magni is apparently a little bright and maybe not the best choice for AKG's (if somebody could confirm this). The O2 would perhaps be better or even a tube amp like a Starlight. You'd have to research this.

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Ok thanks a lot, I will get my amp and headphones then this weekend and probably wait for the 15.32 to restock. Seems like the way to go!


Was also looking at the Schiit Vali which is a tube hybrid so I'm not sure if that would help with the musicality and warmth. Although it seems like it isn't as powerful. 


I'm going to do some comparing between the 15.32 and the 11.32 and see which one sounds more preferred for my taste. DJ was saying that would be an option if I didn't want to wait for restock of the 15. Just don't want shipping & misc costs from China to Canada to own me in price. 


One little question, how would the AKGs k612s sound on iphone without amp? 

Not a huge concern, but probably wouldn't mind listening the odd time with them through my Iphone.


Any all around headphones that would be great in all realms to recommend as alternatives?

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1. Probably crap.


2. Philips Fidelio X1, Sony MA900, Sennheiser PC360 (headset for gaming) > you wouldn't really need an amp with these on the SBZ. I trust you've read Mad Lust Envy's guide?

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Ok, no problem was just curious. 


I've been struggling finding the k612pros anywhere in Canada and they aren't on Amazon.ca. (know is Amazon.com will ship to Can?)


Yes I've read his guide, there is soo much I really do not where to start with it and he covers so many prices and styles. I'm specifically looking for open and $300 or under. The PC360 doesn't really appeal to me that much and the Fidelio X1s are almost $500. 


My original choice was the AD700x but then I got reading more and there are be much better cans for music. 

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Ya amazon.com will ship to Canada depending on whether the vendor will. I have found more vendors who will not ship than are willing to. So it might be tough.

Where in Canada are you located. Music stores are the only place here that have decent headphones.
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I'm from near Kitchener, Ontario. The store that I checked said they didn't have the ability to get the Pro models.

I will most likely try ordering the k612s off Amazon.com and see if they will ship here. I still have the opportunity to get hd598s for $220 used. Not sure if that would be a good option or not. Will the k612s outshine those anyday?

I will also probably end up waiting for an amp/DAC for a bit as they are getting up there in price. I have about $400-450 to spend on Headphones and external DAC therefore I should more then likely choose the headphones for now.
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K612 pros for $199 CDN.

These guys are based out of Vancouver so shipping is fast and cheap and no nonsense import fees.

I've ordered from them before. Recommend within Canada for sure.

I'd recommend the best headphones first within your budget with the z. You can always upgrade your source via optical down the road.
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Ok I will do that, thanks a a lot. Saves me coin rather then ordering off Amazon.com and I can still get exactly what I want. What about the fixed cable.. Does anyone see that causing any issues in the future or should it live the life? Seems like a nice feature being able to remove and change like the k701s i think.


I've always been scared with cables, mind you I have always bought under $200 or 'cough' beats 'cough'. That is why I'm here getting REAL headphones.

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Woesty - keep it simple mate and don't worry. Don't think about cables. I think we've all been keeping you right here - see how it goes. :smile::smile::smile:

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Ok k612s it is! Can't beat that at $224 shipped! Along with the SB Z for now. Than will decide between external solutions in the near future! 


Thanks a lot guys. This forum has been an enormous help! 

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Get back to us when you've given the AKG's a very good burning in. They will very probably need it. Glad you got a good deal. Can't believe though that the Fidelio X1's are $500 in Canada.

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Ya us Canadians get shafted for headphone availability and prices all the time... What's new. Come to think of it, we get shafted for all kinds of hardware and audio in general. Oh well.

Shouldn't complain, I hear the Aussies have it worse.
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